6 Most Expensive Dog Food Brands

Based in Seattle, WA, the Tokyo Dog Food Truck sells the world’s most expensive hot dog at $169.
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We'll answer that question for you and examine whether or not buying the most expensive dog food on the market is really the best thing you can do for your best friend.
With my first dog, the best brindle boxer who ever lived, I bought the most expensive food I could afford -- usually Purina One.
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The Annamaet brand of dog food has a limited selection of products and they only offer dry food recipes. There are eight different formulas to choose from, each featuring a premium protein like chicken, venison, salmon, turkey, and duck and most of Annamaet’s recipes are grain-free. Annamaet offers two different product lines – original formulas and grain-free formulas. All of their recipes are free from corn, wheat, and soy as well as low-quality fillers and by-products. Though all of Annamaet’s products offer excellent nutritional value, some of their products are more expensive than others – primarily their grain-free formulas. A 30-pound bag of Annamaet food sells for as much as $140, which equates to about Next, think about where you want to buy your dog food–at your veterinarian's office, in a pet store or online. Many quality dog foods offer these three routes of purchase. Start by checking out a few product lines on the manufacturer's website. Not only will the best dog food manufacturers list where they're sold, but many will detail all the ingredients and the nutritional benefits of the food. Some dog food manufacturers and retailer websites offer a option that allows you to find a dog food that fits your dog's age, health needs, and activity level. If you find a food that looks like a perfect fit, see if the pet food manufacturer–or the retailer or veterinarian you plan to buy from–offers any promotional material on that food. Don't let the cost of dog food scare you; a healthy canine comes out of eating a healthy dog food, not just the most expensive one. Many pet food companies offer coupons when you follow them on social media, or on their websites..30 per ounce. It happens to be one of the most expensive dog foods but as a pet parent, you are assured of the best for your dog.
Photo provided by FlickrWith my first dog, the best brindle boxer who ever lived, I bought the most expensive food I could afford — usually Purina One.
Photo provided by Flickrbuying dog food at krogers is the most expensive place to buy dog food,thats the only thing I don’t buy at krogers.
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It is unfortunate but true that many dog owners shop for dog food based on price alone. While it may be tempting to save money by purchasing an inexpensive store brand dog food, you have to think about whether it is really in your dog’s best interest or your own. It is worth risking your dog’s health just to save a little bit of money? Our answer for this question is a resounding “No,” though you are free to make up your own mind. Before you do, however, keep reading to learn whether pricier dog foods are worth the cost and which brands are the most expensive.If you want to give your dog the best food you possibly can, you need to decide whether or not price is going to be a factor. The higher you go on the quality scale for food, the higher you go in price as well. Not all of the most expensive dog foods on the market are also the best in terms of quality, but quality is usually correlated with price. If you are looking for an excellent brand of food for your dog – your if you are simply curious – here are some quick reviews for the 5 most expensive dog food brands currently on the market:Not all foods are created equal. The ideal diet for your dog depends on your dog’s needs—not whether the food is the most expensive or the latest brand. Protein, fat and fiber levels vary widely, fatty acid ratios can be unbalanced, vitamins and minerals are added based on the “average” dog and therapeutic ingredients, such as fish oils, are often at levels too low to be of any benefit. Learn what foods will encourage your dog to thrive, not just survive.You may have read about the , and you must have enjoyed it for the ones who truly cherished their feline. This time our post will be for the ultimate dog lovers (including me) who want to pamper their own buddy dog!
Your dog would even love you more when you buy them a special treat coming from the most expensive dog food brands in the market today!