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The heartworm is a parasite that lives in the heart and passes from a contaminated dog to your miniature fox terrier by way of mosquitoes. Several miniature fox terriers die each year because of heartworm infestations. It is extremely important to make sure your miniature fox terrier submits to a blood screening for this parasite each year during the spring. It is recommended that you give your miniature fox terrier a monthly tablet throughout mosquito season in order to protect her from heartworms. Should you ever travel south with your miniature fox terrier in winter, your dog ought to be on the preventive medicine during the trip. In some milder areas, veterinarians advise preventative worm medication throughout the year.
Miniature Fox Terrier - A.k.a. Mini Foxie - Australia - Hunting dog and vermin router
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Miniature Fox Terriers are closely related to the , a breed that developed along similar lines in the United States. Some Toy Fox Terrier owners can trace their dogs’ pedigrees to “Foiler”, the first Fox Terrier registered by the Kennel Club in Britain in 1875. Other related breeds include the , the , and the . Mini Fox Terrier Dog With A Wide Eyed Look Of Bewilderment by Ryan Jorgensen
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Photo provided by PexelsIn 2005, the Mini Foxie was added to the list of dog breeds recognized under the NSW .
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Miniature Fox Terrier...... I used to have one similar to this named "Nippa" he was such a lovable character and a very brave watchdog (he lived to 14yo). He was feared by many but didn't climb trees!An intelligent breed, the Miniature Fox Terrier learns fast and is easy to train. They can even be trained to perform tricks. But despite their intelligence, they still need to be taught to follow the rules that are set by you. A dog that is allowed to take over the household will develop numerous and be difficult to live with.A Mini Foxie will get along fine with other dogs and even cats but, despite his small size, this dog is a terrier and a hunter. As such, he can't be trusted with small rodents. He should always remain on leash, unless in a fenced area, when you take him outdoors -- the hunting instinct is still there in that small body.Buy only from reputable Miniature Fox Terrier breeders to reduce the risk of health problems common in small dog breeds (visit to learn how to identify responsible dog breeders).The Miniature Fox Terrier is considered to be a healthy breed with very few health issues. That's because all breeders who are members of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia screen their dogs against the genetic problems. Miniature Fox is a lovely, loyal, bold, active, flexible with curious nature and dual character. Very cautious and can alert the owner of danger. It stays as lapdog at home but at once changes its mode and become a great watchdog on sensing a threat. It I not only watchdog but also a unique vermin hunter. It can get along with those children that know the difference between the plush toy and mini dogs. Usually it can co-exist with other pets at home. But it must be kept in mind it is also a terrier and endowed with terriers abilities to chase and to hunts, sometimes it cannot discriminate between rodent, reptile pets and vermin. So it should not be left alone with such kind of animals in uncertain conditions. It must be socialized as early as possible. If it has not enough socialization and introduction training it can be destructive. It must be exercised because when it left unexercised it got boring and a boring terrier may tend to be a dangerous dog for not only pets at home also for humans. Daily long walk is mandatory. Generally it is playful, friendly with high trainability. Some talents of the breed are including hunting, watchdog and companionship.