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Merrick Classic canned dog food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.
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I recently bought some Castor & Pollux “Natural Ultramix” canned dog food at PetSmart. Natural Castor & Pollux is owned by Merrick Pet Care. It costs $3.00 a can.
A Merrick family filed suit against Menu Foods of Canada after its dog allegedly died from eating poisonous pet food earlier this month.
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I have been a loyal Merrick customer for several years and purchase their wet food for both my dogs and cats. I also foster rescue dogs. We have a dog now that we are fostering who was rescued. She ate battery acid when looking for food when she was homeless. It fried the inside of her mouth, tongue and throat and she has a viral infection and can only eat dry food. I have been feeding her Merrick’s because I love it but it’s quite costly. When I contacted Merrick and explained the situation, and asked to see if they would be willing to donate a couple of cans of food or even one can, or a discount coupon because she is unable to eat any dry food, they said no. To me, a company’s social responsibility is just as important as food quality… I won’t buy this food again or support this company again..I would rather support a company who has compassion for dogs in extreme need. Orijen is a DRY food and you fed your dog Merrick canned. Don’t see how you can really compare your dogs reaction to a dry versus canned.
Photo provided by FlickrI have heard Merrick has begun to use rendered meat in their dog food recently – can you shed any light on this?
Photo provided by FlickrMerrick dog food meets AAFCO nutrient profile requirements, which ensures adequate nutritional value for canines.
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After months of research for a US based dogfood, I decided on Merrick grain free. This is the first food I have ever used with my rescue that I could actually see the difference…NOW THIS….AHHHHH!!! I currently have 12 dogs and countless numbers of cats counting on me to keep them healthy. At my local feed store I can get Dave’s, Solid Gold, Fromms and Canadae has anyone tried any of these? What did youb think?I also feed my dog Merrick, she was doing great, yesterday she started having diarrhea, she had me up all night, and now again today after her meals. She does not get anything else, so I know it’s the Merrick dog food making her sick. 🙁 Now to find another dog food I can trust, and pay a visit with her to the vet tomorrow. She was on Natural Balance till P&G brought them out. UGH!Our dog does GREAT on Merrick. All of those having digestive problems should know that Merrick is a high protein dog food and many dogs cannot handle that high of a protein. It also shouldnt be over fed because that can also cause dogs to get sick.I used Merrick a few times (both their canned and dry) several years ago (back when the foods were still called Merrick Classics and Before Grain) and I always liked their food, my dog did well on it. I especially liked their canned food – so many interesting varieties to choose from. I like how they have seasonal varieties as well. I know a few months back a few of the regular posters that were feeding Merrick reported some problems with the food – around that same time a dog at the shelter I work for with severe allergies was eating the Merrick grain-free and we didn’t have any issues with the food. I personally think Acana is a better food, but if your dog isn’t doing well on the Acana the Merrick would definitely be worth a shot. Probiotics, digestive enzymes and a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin added to each meal may help with the loose stools and the transition. Merrick Products are the best dog and cat foods on the market. And you love your pets, so why not buy them the best? To find out where to buy Merrick products at a store near you, use our . Just enter your zip code or city and state to get started. Once you’ve found the Merrick product you’re looking for, you can transition your pet slowly using .I have an 1 1/2 y/o male Akita and I’m so confused about dog food I have him on the Merrick and that’s fine but I see they have been bought out and he has really loose poops and like water at the end. Has almost always ended like a big mud pie. Can anyone help. Had him on Diamond but don’t want a food with recalls, he is my baby.