What Are the Benefits of Medical Dog Food?

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Medical dog food can help to ease and maintain certain functions andstructures within the body. By using medical dog food, you can beassured that while the food is focused on maintaining a particularsystem in the body, it is still providing the essential nutrients thatyour dog need. Because the health of your dog is directly linked to thetype of nutrition he receives, providing him with a speciallyformulated medical food can be a good investment for his future.
I’m curious, what underlying medical conditions would prevent a dog from losing weight if you cut back their food?
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The only low fat foods that I would even consider feeding would be Amicus, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight, Core Reduced Fat and some others from the “Suggested Low Fat Foods” list but only if the dog needed a low fat food for other medical reasons than being fat!! What Is Medical Dog Food?
Photo provided by FlickrMedical dog food is available to treat a variety of medical needs in dogs
Photo provided by FlickrThe Hearthstone Medical Dog Food Recipes are built in conjunction with your current veterinarian
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Many medical conditions that dogs face can be greatly helped by using medical diets. There are two especially important things to consider. The first is that with certain diseases, specific nutrients need to be increased, while others need to be avoided or closely monitored. The Hearthstone Medical Dog Food Recipes are built in conjunction with your current veterinarian. These specialized diets are not intended to replace other treatments, rather they provide the body with exactly the right nutrients for each condition. The diet assists in recovery and becomes a part of the overall treatment plan. And, unlike most commercial prescription dog foods, Hearthstone Recipes taste good, so the patient is likely to eat more.Fortunately, Hearthstone custom diets use meats and carbohydrates not commonly used in commercial dog food (called novel sources) with minimal amounts of essential fats. They really help these dogs feel better and reduce the need for medications. Hearthstone diets are fortified with antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory fats, DHA and EPA, and vitamin B-12 which help control symptoms and improve the quality of life.The second thing to consider is simply that with food that is prepared at home, you have the opportunity to make sure that all the ingredients are of the highest quality. It comes as a surprise to many people that this one thing actually DOES make a difference. Healthy dogs, when fed with nutritionally balanced homemade, show dramatically better energy levels, shinier coats and brighter eyes, so you can imagine how important it is for a dog suffering with medical conditions to have the best possible nutrition levels so that the dog's body can do the work of healing.Medical dog foods are specially formulated foods, canned andkibble, that focus on providing maximum amounts of nutrition whilecatering to the specific condition of your dog. As a puppy, your dogmay require the special nutrients that can only be found in puppy chow,however as your dog ages, he may need a more substantial diet that isdesigned to treat a particular condition that effects him.