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A long-line is a long dog training leash, with a regular clip fastener at one end.
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Would you trust a leash that our Law Enforcement and Military use for their dogs? The Lavien is the finest grade leather braided dog leash for large dogs. It is a 6-ft long by 3/4 inch wide leash. Canine (K9) training lead. Law Enforcement and Military agencies use it. The lifetime durability of the Lavien will provide the security you want. With superior quality snap hook, you will notice the corrosion resistant hardware. Isn’t that what you want? A leash of durability and one you can trust to protect your dog.
Leashboss Long Trainer - 1 Inch Nylon Long Dog Training Leash with Storage Strap - USA Made *** See this awesome image : Dog leash
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Two 12 lb dogs, 16 ft Flexi brand (German engineering) flat (not rope) flexi leashes, wide open fire road with maybe 10-15 people over a 3.5 mile walk. Not a problem.

My dogs come to recall, not by my tugging on the leash, I have exquisite communication through the flexi, (anywhere from the barest touch of the stop button to mild clicking/tension to full stop), I lock the leash at anywhere from 2-6 feet inside stores, at lure coursing events, etc. Dogs running onto the street can also happen with long lines. Maybe training requirements for flexi's is the route. I'm curious if European's have this same controversy, since that's where they were developed. I'm wondering if the usual idiot handlers are too blame. lovely LovinPet Dog Leash Durable Nylon Leash Strap 1
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If you're looking for the best possible 50 foot-long leash to use while training or playing with your dog, you've come to the right place. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.Consistency and Creating Habits: The first thing to keep in mind about long line training is that you are trying to pretend the dog is off-leash.As a dog trainer, it's extremely important to me to have a leash that's long enough to allow my dogs to run while still giving me total control. I had to have the best possible leash CUSTOM MADE - because you basically can't find a leash like this in your local pet shop. Or online, for that matter.The best dog training leash is yours for only $33.95 plus Shipping/Handling. All leashes are shipped U.S. Priority mail - and we can also ship to international destinations. Delivery time is 2-3 business days (slightly longer for international deliveries). You can be enjoying the benefits in no time. Yes - we pack and ship the leash as soon as the order drops into our e-mail inbox.Long lines are very important in dog training because we always want to set our clients up for success. Long lines are utilized during recall or off leash training when we want to ensure the dogs will come back to us when they are called. Lighter weight long lines can be a stepping stone to off leash work. Materials used for long lines include nylon, rope, biothane, and leather. Nylon and rope are lighter and cheaper, while biothane and leather are a sturdier, but more expensive option. Biothane is also waterproof, which can be beneficial in long lines since they drag the ground.One of the most common questions I'm asked as a dog trainer is "how do I control my dog when they're off leash?" Well, if you're ASKING the question you should know that the answer is obvious - you can't! At least you won't be able to until you've done a lot more work with your dog. But you should also know that it's perfectly NORMAL to have a dog that wants to run to the state line as soon as they've been let off their leash. The "perfectly attentive" dog, a dog who automatically stares intently at their master wondering what to do next and always comes when called (without any incentive except their master's love), represents a very SMALL percentage of all the dogs in the world. Your dog CAN become reliable off-lead, through the proper training. Step number one, however, is buying and USING a very, very, very long training lead.