Did your dog get into the cat litter box…again?

This is a video of my Pekingese dog Ewok using his litter box.
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For some , a better alternative is to place newspaper or piddle pads inside the litter box. Some owners prefer piddle pads because they are absorbent and easily disposed. If your dog has already learned to eliminate on paper or pads, the easiest method is to move them into the litter box. Yet another option is to place a square of sod in the box. As grass is a preferred substrate for many dogs, this is often a great solution — just replace the sod periodically.
How I Learned About Dog Litter Boxes
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Selecting a dog grass litter box comes down to knowing what you want from a housebreaking experience and making sure you select features that compliment that. An easy-to-clean and easy-to-use grass litter box that fits in with your dog’s housebreaking level and isn’t an eyesore is the product you want to select. Through the aforementioned list we’ve provided, we hope that we’ve given you a clear-cut indication of the best grass litter boxes on the market that can really make housebreaking a quick, painless process. What Is The Dog Litter Box Like?
Photo provided by FlickrDoggy kisses are no fun after your pup has just raided your cat's litter box for a snack.
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Can dogs really learn to use a litter box? Sure! probably isn't something you'd finddog owners regularly talking about, and although it may be unusual,it does have some advantages. Plus litter box training can be doneat home, by any patient and positive dog owner.Although the dogs that use litter boxes tend to be smallbreeds, large dogs can use them too! Try using a large plasticstorage bin (modified to give your dog easy access to the inside).One of the biggest advantages to litter box training your dogis the added freedom: your dog can go any time he needs to, evenwhen you're not at home. It's convenient for the dog, and givesyou more freedom to stay out longer (ever rushed home becauseyou had to let the dog out?). Of course, since using the litterbox doesn't come as naturally to a dog as it does to a cat, youwill need to be prepared for several weeks of training plus anadditional couple of months of monitoring / reinforcement.DOG-PROOF and STYLISH Litterbox for $10! Bought the basket at Ross and cut out a door big enough for the cat but small enough to keep the pups out.Teaching Your Adult Dog to Use the Porch Potty: Owners are realizing the benefits of letting dogs use litter boxes. Porch Potty frees your pooch from the discomfort of holding it while you’re gone. It may also be the kindest option for dogs with health issues such as if they have difficulty walking outside due to osteoarthritis or old age or if they have an increased need to potty 'coz of diabetes. Its true that litter training is easier with puppies, it can also be accomplished with adult…Generally speaking, an indoor litter box prevents the discomfort of your dog "holding it" while you are away. Specifically, litter box training may also the most caring method if your dog has trouble walking outside due to old age or osteoarthritis, or if your dog has an increased urge to potty due to diabetes. While it is true dog litter training is more easily accomplished with puppies, converting adult dogs from crate training or paper training to litter box training can be accomplished with ample time, effort and patience. If you have a dog (or multiple dogs) and a cat (or multiple cats) living together all under one roof, then it’s only normal that you’re looking for a dog proof litter box for your cat to use.Petmate have designed this litter box with a top-entry mechanism via a hole that’s large enough to fit your cat no matter what size it is, while small enough to prevent dogs of medium size and large size of fitting in.