Enjoy the open seas with your dog and their new life vest!

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While dogs often love to get wet and go for a swim, you need to make sure that your pet is safe in the water. Unlike us, dogs have to spend a lot of energy to keep their heads above water and if they swim out too far they can become tired and may drown. That is why we suggest that you get your pet the best dog life jacket vest for their size and shape.
Considering the and , we can definitely recommend the Outward Hound dog life vest as a smart pick.
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As a dog owner, you should kit out your pet with a life vest that fits perfectly, as well as look out for vital features on your pet’s life preserver. The following section will focus on our picks for the best dog life jackets on the market. About: The  is widely considered the most popular dog life vest available.
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Photo provided by FlickrHaving trouble deciding? We can’t blame you – all these life vests for dogs received great reviews.
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A canine life vest also makes your dog more visible in open water. Most life vests are reflective and you should get the most reflective vest you can.It’s all fun at the beach until someone hauls out the life jackets, right? But really, the sporty new canine life jackets aren’t like the bulky, mattress-like vests you used to strap on when you were at camp. Now, it’s easy to find one that’s not only comfortable for your dog but provides extra buoyancy to help prevent him from getting overly fatigued.
Even the best swimmers can benefit from dog life jackets from Backcountry K-9. Whether it’s just around the pool or keeping the most adventurous dogs safe while paddling, we offer a selection of dog life vests that keep your dog safe and in a natural swimming position. These dog life jackets from top brands like D-fa, Ruffwear and EzyDog, allow full range of motion so your dog can still move normally in the vest. Need help getting the best fit for your dog? for expert help. advertises superior flotation for your pet. Also a very popular brand with pet owners, it has consistently received 4 or 5 stars and glowing reviews. The heavy-duty polyester construction is said to add up to 50 percent more flotation than many other canine life vests, and it features a grab handle for lifting, a zippered pocket, and adjustable neoprene straps to form an ergonomic and secure fit. Color options include red and yellow with reflective detailing. This life vest comes in many sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large. For small dogs, this is one of the best bets.By all accounts, is the No. 1 selling life preserver for dogs on the market today. This extremely popular brand is considered sturdy, durable and reliable for keeping your pooch afloat. It features a convenient top-grab and side handles for easy rescue, bright colors, and reflectors for improved visibility, fully adjustable chest and neck flaps with front float assists for keeping your dog's head above water, quick release buckles, and a durable neoprene belly-band to keep the jacket firmly in place. The handle design is a one-piece sewn strap that wraps around the belly and the back of the dog for added support. According to some customers, the handle is positioned a bit more more towards the front of the jacket causing some dogs to tip forward a little when lifted, so you need to watch out for that. Some owners complain about the durability and quality of the vest, but for the extremely affordable price, it is an overall great value life jacket.Water safety specialists Salus began making life vests for people but soon branched out to include life jackets for dogs. It's a Canadian company that does all the manufacturing itself, so there's no outsourcing. Salus has won several awards for water safety and innovation. What distinguishes the from the rest of the pack is what Salus calls the foam zone - where foam covers the belly, chest and sides where the flotation material is needed most. Due to the added foam on the belly, dogs float higher. Three clip attachments with buckles on the opposite side offer a centered fit. These dog life jackets come with one open-topped mesh pocket and two handles for heaving waterlogged heavies. When lifted, their weight is distributed across the padding, not the straps. They come in red or blue and are available through and a variety of .