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The K&H Lectro-Kennel Igloo Style Heated Dog Pad & Cover is conveniently designed for use inside an "Igloo" or dome-shaped doghouse.

Dome-shaped or "Igloo" doghouses have been a favorite among dogs and their owners for years. And this Igloo-style heated pad provides you with an easy way to add extra warmth and comfort to your dog's cozy home. The semicircle shape of the heated pad allows it to fit easily through the door. Its innovative shape also leaves enough bare floor exposed so that your dog can choose between lying on the heating pad or the cool floor.

When plugged in, the heating pad warms to your dog's natural body temperature and maintains that heat for reliable warmth and comfort whenever your dog needs it. Available in three sizes-small, medium, and large-the Igloo heating pad offers dog owners an affordable, low-wattage heating option for Igloo-style doghouses. The steel-wrapped electrical cord also gives you the safety and protection you look for in a quality dog product.

Available in three sizes-small, medium, and large-this comfortable heated dog bed offers dog owners an affordable, low-wattage heating option for Igloo-style doghouses. The steel-wrapped electrical cord prevents chewing and also gives you the safety and protection you want and need for your dog.

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Half round heating pad for dogs fits a round or dome shaped dog house (not included) or indoors. The half-round shape covers half the floor surface allowing pets to naturally choose when they want warmth. Keep your dog house and dog warm with the large sized heating mat. The pet can lay on the dog heating mat or you can hang the mat on a wall. Easy to clean. Great indoors and outdoors. Large Igloo heated mat dimensions: 17.5 inches wide x 30 inches long. Uses 80 watts of power. Steel-wrapped cord is 5.5 feet long. Internal thermostat keeps pad at 102 degrees when in use. Designed specifically for igloo style dog houses such as the Dogloo® or Indigo® houses. Dog house not included. Waterproof. K&H Manufacturing - Igloo Heated Pad Large Half round heating pad for dogs fits a round or dome shaped dog house (not included) or indoors
Photo provided by FlickrWe purchased this small heated pet mat for a neighborhood cat who likes to live at our house
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The third of the most common forms of keeping pets warm (for both small and large dogs alike) is a small space heater. The biggest pro to this is the fact that the entire room will be warm, meaning your dog will feel free and comfortable enough to roam the room and play and live as normal, as opposed to feeling the need to cling to a heating blanket or pad in order to stay warm enough. However! Space heaters can be extremely dangerous around pets. Space heaters on the ground are nearly asking to be tipped over by medium and large sized dogs, a problem that can very easily cause house fires.Find a wide-variety dog houses that can satisfy your dog’s natural need to den at Petco. From small A-frames and portable huts to large weatherproof and adorable log cabin style dog houses, we have the outdoor shelters and accessories necessary to best fit your pooch’s individual needs, your yard size and climate. And if you’re not feeling up to building a more complicated structure, there are many tool-free options with the same insulated and all-weather benefits. When it comes to outside-dwelling canines, our insulated and igloo dog houses are ideal for shielding your pup against the sun and heat, as well as from the cold and rain. Along with their quirky style and effective insulation, igloo dog houses also offer special heating pads to provide small, injured or senior pups some additional comfort and relief in chilly weather. For additional protection against the elements, we offer a variety of doors and insulation kits to fit even the largest dog houses. Insulation can be especially useful if your tiny pup needs a little help retaining heat within their small dog house. Most roofs on the canine structures available at Petco are made to withstand extreme conditions like harsh humidity, high heat, and other elements. They are also often raised, so your dog can stay warm and dry after a day of rain, hail, or snow. Some models even come with a hinged roof for easy cleaning. To complete your furried friend’s outside setup, choose from our selection of accessories such as patio floor mats and heated floors. In addition to all of these features, some of our large wooden dog houses can provide your dog with a lofted balcony thanks to their room-with-a-view feature. Regardless of what kind of dog you have, each style is available in a wide range of sizes so you can browse for a large or small dog house that suits your pup perfectly at Petco.