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The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Feeder is a great option if your large or giant breed dog has a tendency to eat too quickly. It features a unique design of ridges and mazes to distribute your dog’s kibble throughout the bowl, preventing him from eating it all at once. Not only does this feeder slow down your dog’s meal, but it can also give him some mental stimulation along the way!
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Aesthetics: We love this bowl holder, and so does our beagle. When his tenth birthday rolled around and he was firmly in the "senior dog" age bracket for a medium-sized dog, I began to look for ways to make his life easier and more comfortable. Our vet recommended raising his food and water bowls, but many of the options in pet supply stores were utilitarian-looking and downright unattractive. This feeder, by contrast, is an accent instead of an eyesore. Anytime we have guests over, someone comments on how cool and functional it is. We've had several people ask where we purchased it.

Care Tips: The bowls are stainless steel, so they're easy to keep clean in the dishwasher or by hand. They're a standard size that's readily available at pet supply stores, too, so you can easily replace them if needed. The wine barrel base is a beautiful, rich wood tone (a bit darker than it appears in the photo), so to keep it looking good and protect it from inevitable water splashes and drool, I apply a light coating of food-grade butcher block treatment (beeswax + mineral oil blend) every six weeks or so. We've had it for a year and it still looks brand new. I would caution against using furniture polish as the ingredients may be harmful to your dog.

Size: The feeder is the perfect size for our breed-standard beagle (he's 15" at the shoulder and weighs about 30 lbs), so it might be a bit tall for smaller breeds. Larger breeds could use it, but the bowls may be on the small side for their needs. Our guy drains the water bowl at least once per day, so a large breed or multiple pups sharing would accelerate that.

Other considerations: If your floors scratch easily, you may want to apply some rubber or felt pads to the base of the feeder, which is a raw wood edge. Because the bowls are removable, they tend to clang against the edges of the hole in the feeder top when the dog is eating, especially if your dog is a zealous bowl-licker like our beagle. Not a major issue for me. Wall mount dog feeder triple bowl 2 and 3 quart large breed - Etsy
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The Glickman et al study found that use of a raised feeder increases the risk of bloat by 110%. Dr. Glickman's data showed that "approximately 20% and 50% of cases of GDV among the large and giant breed dogs, respectively, were attributed to having a raised food bowl." (J Am Vet Med Assoc 2000;217:1492-1499). It should be noted that Dr. Glickman's study was confined only to large and giant breed dogs. If you own an imported H-base double diner adjustable feeder with a 1" square center riser.. You can modify it! Measure your riser to make sure it's 1" square. Next, use the order form on this page or grab our 32" powder coated mod kit from jZ Canine. When it arrives.. Simply bolt up the new riser using provided hardware and you're done. You now own a 32-inch adjustable feeding tower for your large or giant breed dog.Large Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeders are ideal for larger breed dogs. They allow for optimal comfort and no clean up following the meal. Large Neater Feeders are mess proof, kick proof, spill proof and ant proof, so floors and walls are protected from feeding time messes, while your pet's food is protected from bugs. You can raise the Large Neater Feeder with leg extensions to reach 11 inches off the ground. Every Large Neater Feeder elevated dog bowl comes with one seven cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one nine cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl. Large Neater Feeders are excellent pet feeding devices that protect your floor and walls from spilled food and water messes.WOW! At last a elevated dog feeder that's "made in USA", fully adjustable, high quality, sanitary, sturdy & tall enough for large breeds. Fully welded heavy steel adjustable feeder that will grow with your dog and is powder coated, guaranteed to last a lifetime!