Where can I buy Naturallife Lamaderm Dry Dog food now in SW Virginia

$10/1 Natural Life Lamaderm or Grain Free 17.5lb bag of dog food x12/31/15
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Apart from Lamaderm, other Natural Life products for dogs are equally good and of high quality, which is the reason behind them being highly popular amongst dog lovers and dog owners around the country. The canned food from Natural life is equally nutritious and liked by dog owners as the dry versions of the dog food.
Dry Dog Food, Lamaderm, 6.5 lb - (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only
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For a month two or so my Girl had been virtually gulp free...I attributed it to the supplements and figured that was that. Then I opened a new bag of dog food, the same Lamaderm she'd been eating for years. All of a sudden she was getting me up EVERY night with gulp attacks, hmmmm.... I'd thought I'd noticed this pattern before but figured it was my imagination. Well, it wasn't my imagination! ....she'd be fine for awhile and then go gulpy soon after I started a new bag of food. Lamaderm Dog Food Sale | Up to 70% Off | SheKnows Best Deals
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You can also choose dry, Lamaderm type of food. This type is specially developed for dogs with food sensitivities. In any case, available types are:Our Weimaraner has struggled for many years with skin issues, and we tried and discarded many different commercial dog foods. One food that did work for him was the Adult Lamaderm Formula from Natural Life. His English Bulldog companion also did well on the food before we switched her to Petbrosia.Now we have an opportunity to talk about the adult lamaderm type of dog food. As we already mentioned, it has been developed for dogs with special demands and with sensitive stomachs. Nevertheless, the food is perfectly balanced and oriented towards delivering all needed nutrients to your dog. Natural life dog food lamaderm is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and supplements each dog should get. The bottom line is that the food is perfectly safe for all dogs and there are no safety issues. Still, there are a few, main ingredients. They are:You repeat this process for however long it takes to find the one food ingredient that causes your dog's allergies, and then you avoid feeding that food ever again. If you want to use a commercial dog food, then you might try hypoallergenic dog foods such as Natural Life, Nature's Recipe, and Sensible Life. Natural Life makes a lamb-and-rice dog chow called Lamaderm. Nature's Recipe offers several dog food mixes, including a vegan blend, all made without colorings or preservatives.LAMADERM adult dry dog food is outstanding and has received little publicity for its high quality ingredients. Produced with all organic ingredients including chelated minerals, and high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, this dog food is especially great for dogs with grain allergies.
I was extremely loyal to Purina One for many years, (and it remains a quality dog food), but I find LAMADERM to have better ingredients and a higher percentage of quality meat protein. The extra bonus is that LAMADERM even costs less. Our poodles love the taste and their skin and coats are healthier!
Bravo! Good product!If all of those options don't pan out walmart sells a dog food called Natural life Lamaderm Lamb and rice - it would defineately be the last choice but at least its corn free. Purina and Alpo are both products you want to stay away from- as are any other dog food you can buy from a grocery store. Stay away from the oil or grease- it doesn't help the soon just saturates it in fat giving the illusion of moisture. If you need to add something to replace the wet dog food try white rice, an egg, plain unflavored non fat yogurt or reduced sodium chicken broth.