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Time for some Spring Cleaning and getting rid of that old dusty Dog bed. has an awesome way to Brighten up your home and add some additional comfort for your Labrador with . We are also Giving Away one of the Bamboo Lounge Beds to benefit . Every Dollar donated gives you an entry. Max $20. See Below for more information.
Owners are very impressed with this dog bed’s durability and how it can withstand even the toughest lab chewers!
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My main objective with various dog beds over the last year has been to get my 100 pound yellow lab out of my bed... This one worked!! This bed is nothing short of AMAZING!! I'm absolutely satisfied and will only use Mammoth beds from now on! Thank you for making such a great bed!

-- Thank You, Scott --- Brody and Saban once again were absolutely awesome LABmodels and thoroughly enjoyed trying out the new Dog Beds. Need
Photo provided by FlickrHere’s our quick recap of the dog beds for labs we will be detailing. Scroll down for in-depth reviews and evaluations.
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If you're looking for the best dog beds for labs, we've got a nice little guide for you below. Labs are larger dogs, so they’ll need a bed that can fit all of their needs. Also, labs are generally very active dogs, so they’ll need a bed that can withstand a little abuse. Labradors are a larger breed of dog than most, which is why they are generally more comfortable in mattress beds, allowing them the opportunity to stretch at will. Certain breeds of dog are more prone to particular illnesses or joint issues as they grow older, knowing which ailments might afflict your Lab can help you in choosing the best bed for their comfort long term. Finally a bed that can stand up to a Lab’s exuberance without the worry of ingesting other stuffing types of bedding. The chewproof guarantee extends a full year. Hips and joints of these strong dogs will benefit from the orthopedic comfort of Kuranda beds throughout their lifetime. For Labs who enjoy swimming, the vinyl weave fabric bed is the perfect place to dry off. Owners of Labrador Retrievers with skin allergies appreciate how easily the beds can be wiped clean. This comes top of the best dog beds for Labs as it’s specially calibrated for bigger dogs, being one of the larger breeds out there Labradors will love this bed and it’s 10 year guarantee means it can see your dog right into old age. This is the biggest benefit of orthopedic beds – your dog loves it’s comfort as a younger dog and as they get older and their joints weaken (and Labs are prone to more joint and muscle issues than other breeds), this bed will be invaluable to your pet. I have 5 destructive dogs, all girls, all Labs. My youngest who is 2 years old cannot destroy this bed. I used another brand and she ruined the corners because they were open. This is completely sealed and she can't sink her teeth into them. Love it love it, Love it. Extremely durable for even the toughest dog scratches. Thanks for such a great product. I should have come to you first. I would have saved a lot of money. The cover for this bed is denim, meaning it is heavy duty and difficult to rip and as such it’s durability far outshines similar beds. The size is perfect for a full grown large Lab dog and gives them the room they need if they want to stretch out.