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True to its name, KONG's Tuff 'N Lite Octopus Dog Toy is remarkably tough and ultra-light
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Swim into some fun this season with the KONG Cuteseas Dog Toy Octopus!Why We Love It:Cuddling with sea creatures has never been this cute. KONG® CuteSeas Dog Toy is made of soft corduroy for snuggling. They also contain a squeaker and make a crinkle sound during playtime. Collect all the under water friends for cats and dogs each sold separately.
Kong Cute seas Octopus Dog Toy
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Made in different shapes and sizes from safe, high quality materials, KONG toys will give your dog hours of pleasure and engaging fun. KONG Tuff 'n Lite toys live up to their name: incredibly durable yet lightweight. The KONG Tuff 'n Lite Octopus... Kong Cute seas Octopus Dog Toy
Photo provided by FlickrNo sew fleece octopus. She used a Styrofoam ball, but I think a Kong squeaker tennis ball would make it into a great dog toy.
Photo provided by FlickrApr 9, 2017 - Save big on KONG Cuteseas Dog Toy - Octopus at BaxterBoo.
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"They are so intelligent we want them to stay stimulated so they don't get bored," DeWitt told me in an interview a couple of years ago. The invertebrate exhibit even has a semi-scientific study design to see what new toys an octopus likes most. Among past favorites have included a hamster ball (minus the rodent), Mr. Potato Head, scrubber pads, , whiffle balls, and a rubber dog toy called a Kong (often stuffed with some kind of delicious treat). Just don't try to take an octopus's toy away from it. "You're never going to win a tug of war with an octopus," DeWitt said.