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Our Ecolite collars are fully compatible with Invisible Fence, Dog Watch and Dog Guard
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Other electronic containment collars trigger at different distances depending upon which was your dog is facing. This is sometimes confusing to the dog and may require additional training. Only High Tech Pet electronic fence collars are driven by two separate radio receivers to precisely determine your dog's distance from the boundary wire. Our "Smart Position Sensing" radio technology maintains a consistent field width regardless of your pet's orientation. This is less confusing to your dog. Your pet will quickly learn exactly where the invisible boundary is. This results in easier training and more reliable dog containment. Smart Position Sensing is only available on High Tech Pet electronic dog fences.
SW elite collars are also fully compaitble with Invisible Fence, Dog Watch and Dog Guard
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We had the indoor disks first. Our old dog figured out the beep and shock with little training. New dog also figured it out quickly. That cured the inside problem, but they were escaping through the outside fence since it is wraught iron and they are very small dogs. We installed the invisible fence to stop that. The fence we chose would provide collars that worked with the indoor system and outdoor system. I went outside to take a look at the installation right before the flags were installed. The dogs followed me outside and the new dog got shocked when she ran over to the gate. Now, we can’t even get her to go outside in the yard, she runs and hides when we tell her to go outside. When outside, she stays on the patio and scratched at the patio screen door (and screen beside it until she tore a hole). I have walked the yard with her and tried to teach her the boundaries, but if the beep goes off on her collar, or the other dog’s collar, she is running back to the patio. I have to chain her outside in order to keep her off the patio and hope that she will go potty during that time. Simply by attaching a special collar around your dog’s neck, the invisible fence works automatically and round the clock.
Photo provided by FlickrIs this dog collar compatible with the Invisible Fence System ICT50A? Or do sell another collar that is?Thanks!
Photo provided by FlickrThe Invisible Fence Compatible collar will fit a dog with up to a 26 inch neck, which is most dogs.
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An Invisible Fence is an option for people who wish to let their dog run free but cannot install fencing due to zoning or budget limitations, or simply do not desire a fenced-in yard. Invisible Fences operate via a central transmitter that sends low-level electrical impulses by radio frequency to a receiver attached to the dog's collar. While transmitters and most collars have adjustable frequency controls, some collars come preset. It is important to know how to switch frequencies in case a replacement collar is either set or preset to a different frequency. The following instructions are for the Invisible Fence brand. You may need to consult a manual for other brands of fences, but the principles should apply.The first commercial underground fencing system to contain house pets within a predetermined area was patented by Richard Peck, owner of Invisible Fence Company in 1974. Peck’s underground fence was also the first borderless containment system used to contain livestock. In 1987 Peck successfully contained domestic goats to a limited area using receiving collars intended for household dogs. Invisible Fence, Inc. is currently owned by Radio Systems Corporation.Lupine Collars For Invisible Fence® Brand Systems
Lupine’s Invisible Fence Brand Collars are available in all Lupine Medium and Large Dog patterns and Solid Colors. Lupine does not provide any sales or service for the systems. The Lupine Invisible Fence Brand Collar features three heat sealed holes that provide and exceptional fit for Invisible Fence Brand Microlite and R-22 receivers. Hole Spacing: 1.2″ (Microlite) 1.625 (R-22) Hole Diameter: .315″ (Microlite) .33″ (R-22).Please Note: Our Underground Containment Collars either come with two heat-sealed holes for DogWatch® systems or three heat-sealed holes to fit all Invisible Fence Brand® receiver models as well as Pet Stop®, Pet Safe® and Dog Guard® systems.