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Portable Indoor Outdoor 8-Panel Safety Pet Dog Baby Toddler Play Gate Fence ** on eBay!
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All of our tall dog gates come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials to fit your pet’s needs and your home’s interior design. Many of these indoor dog gates can be easily unfolded and expanded to cover wider spaces for larger rooms. For smaller pups, Petco has a range of dog gates that help keep them confined to their corner while sporting a convenient design that allows you to easily step over the fence and get to where you need to go. You’ll also find a handy number of tall dog gates that come equipped with simple to use small pet doors, so your smaller furry family members have a way to freely move about. These are great for multi-pet households, with pet parents who may need to keep a dog in place and still allow a cat to roam more freely.
Folding Pet Gate Wood Fence Indoor Free Standing Panel Barrier Dog Cat Gift #FourPaws #foldingpetgate
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It is a professional grade DIY installation kit. No need to call a specialist to install the system! - Basic coverage is ¼ acre (1011 square meters); - Coverage can be expanded to 10 acres (40468 square meters); - The basic kit is for three dogs, but if you buy additional collars, there is no limit. Of course, the dogs will not feel comfortable if they find themselves in an Indian dog bazaar, so mind the space. - Lightweight collar (3 ounces/113.4 g); - YardMax Space-Saving Mode - gives your dog 30% more room; - Fits best for dogs of 10-150 lbs (4.5-68 kg); - 3 year warranty; - The kit also includes 1500 feet (457.2 m) of 14 gauge eXtreme dog fence® brand wire, 50 feet (15.2 m) of 16g eXtreme® brand twisted wire, heavy duty surge protectors, 150 flags, 1 wall transmitter and many other! - Price: . Indoor Pet Fence Free Standing Walk Over Panel Wood Folding Gate Barrier Dog ..
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Photo provided by FlickrFences and Exercise Pens 20748: Pet Gate Dog Fence Standing Folding Indoor Safety Barrier Wood Security Panels BUY IT NOW ONLY: $36.48
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An indoor dog fence radio works like outdoor fences. But is use to keep a pet in an area, rather than in. This can be program to keep the pet out of a specific room or area, such as near the garbage can. It provides a smaller range of signal than outdoor radio fence. But is cheaper. Since the signals will cancel each other, only one outdoor fence. Or a fence indoor used at once.You need to check this dog fence free standing gate before this is sold out. An extremely highly effective product should be able to handle my goals and the goals of a lot of men and women. This is the reason why I absolutely love this. The design is quite gorgeous and lovely plus the price is extremely affordable. I am delighted I can find this product easily on the web. It is such a trouble finding it in my shopping center. This is a good quality item that you can expect from this company. The design of this item is really gorgeous and this is also quite affordable.