Find indoor dog booties at Target.

Check out this video on and then download our  to find the right sized boots for your dog.
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I have been buying from your online store for a couple of months now and have been very happy with your value and performance. My Doberman loves your boots. She has literally worn out a set of them after uncountable miles of hiking. I have tried other brands of boots for her and can’t find anything that fits nearly as well or lasts nearly as long. I have recommended your site to several of my friends in the dog world. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! - Trae S., Indiana (Ultra Paws® Rugged)
Look at that face!! Napolean finally has relief from allergy issues. No more biting paws while he wears his indoor dog booties.
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On WDJ's Facebook page a month or so ago, I linked a humorous (at least to me) YouTube video of dogs who had just been fitted with boots and were walking in them for (apparently) the first time. SO MANY people commented how cruel it is to outfit the dogs so and them laugh at them, as if boots on dogs is some great cruelty. I'm telling you, cruelty would be walking an indoor dog without boots in an Edmonton winter. Or even in Boston, say, where dogs are commonly treated to frozen sidewalks and salty slush, the better to burn any cracked paw pads that inevitably develop in cold winters. Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel girl Hana trying on Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots and Indoor Traction Dog Boots.
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Love your dogs? Love your nice floors? Hate what the two do to each other? No-slip indoor dog boots will be your miracle worker.

Big dogs and smooth floors are a tough combination. When a big dog takes off running, he needs traction to keep from becoming a 100-pound furball of destruction. Otherwise, he might decide to stop running but his paws keep sliding, sliding across the smooth floor…. The question then becomes what will stop him. Will he slide into one of the kids? Will it be a chair that he knocks into, and what will that hit? Oh no, please don’t let him slide into the china cabinet…Dog booties for hardwood floors are great, but please remember to clip your big dog's nails from time to time. Dogs who wear these boots long term will tend to grow out their nails, and out of sight is not out of mind, right? Order yours today.These patented dog boots are great for long term indoor wear. (U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Canadian Patent 2,486,628.) The soft fleece lining keeps paws cozy and warm, and reduces chafing on your dog's legs which can result from prolonged use of other brands of dog boots. The team at Ultra Paws has designed a special non-skid sole of the shoes to provide secure footing on hardwood flooring. In addition to the no slip grip, these dog shoes protect your floors from costly scratches that will need repairing or lower the value of your home on resale.I have since realized that there are some very legitimate purposes for dog boots, and have revised my opinion of their usefulness. In fact, the dog boot industry is a highly specialized one, with different styles of boots produced for different purposes.I live in Ak and right now we are going down below -20 our dog is a Boston and needs to wear booties this is a wonderful indestructible and so well written and easy to follow. Our dog has a warm puffy coat she will not wear no matter what but loves fleece coats and shirts. Thank you again. My dog will need 4 too. ;)Thank you so much for taking the time to write this Instructable! Today, it is so cold here in Indiana that my dogs could not walk outside without lifting their feet in pain. I am going to make these boots right now!