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Jul 8, 2014 - And most importantly, how can you stop a dog from licking his paws
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Dog licking is natural but sometimes a dog wont stop licking! How to stop dog licking is something else. They lick everything from their puppies to their paws to your face. Dogs use their tongues to explore their world.

Oct 10, 2015 - Dr. Kim Hammond from the Falls Road Animal Shelter answers pet questions, including how to stop a dog from licking its paws.
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Really? And how do you explain my dog's paw injury taking months to heal because of his obsessive licking? and it healing right away once I stopped him from bothering it? I have worked for a vet and we had to deal with this problem over and over, that's why Elizabethan collars and bitter apple spray were invented. Yes, a dog's wound may perhaps heal faster if the dog licks it once or twice and the injury is insignificant, but have a dog mess with it like my dog did and you will end up with a bloody mess on a DAILY basis. Please educate yourself, tongues and saliva are not sterile as once believed, please read this article (written by a vet) before resorting to making offensive comments: Articles - Stop Dog Licking Paws - Dinovite, Inc.
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