How to Make Scrunchy Dog Collar

This instructable shows how to make an adjustable dog collar from a lanyard.
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Sew your own dog collar with hardware from your old dog collar, some fabric & iron-on interfacing! This tute doesn't show how to make an adjustable one, but if your dogs' neck has stopped growing, it doesn't need to be! :)
Dog Collar - Tutorial on How to Make Dog from ThePreppyOwl | Check out patterns on Craftsy!
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When making dog and cat collar crafts, you're always going to want to make sure that you have quick access to a few basic tools. Make dog and cat collar crafts with help from a longtime crafts expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Holly Silva
Filmmaker: Edward Payson

Series Description: Few holidays lend themselves to a nice crafts project more than Valentine's Day. Get tips on how to create a variety of different, lovely Valentine crafts with help from a longtime crafts expert in this free video series. This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a pretty adjustable dogs collar.
Photo provided by PexelsDog Collar with Felt Flower -how cute I am going to make!
Photo provided by FlickrThis is my version on how to make a duct tape dog collar. I hope it's helpful to you!
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I just love using paracord! it`s lightweight, sturdy & virtually indestructable! This ìble will show you how to make a `manly`collar for your dog using paracord and the ...I make my own cat stretch collars with small dog collars bought from the dollar store all the time. Just cut the collar where you want the elastic cord, melt the ends of the collar where you cut it with a lighter so they won't fray, fold both ends of the collar over and with a needle and thread sew them closed leaving a small loop. Now through the loops pull some elastic cord through, you might need tweezers to pull it through. Tie a knot in the elastic cord, trim the ends and slide the knot into loop so it doesn't show. In this video we will show to how to make your own studded leather dog collar. From start to finish once you have watched this video we hope that you will be able to make your own studded leather dog collar.

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Colors of the World by Lost Harmonies, Premium Beats standard licence.Make a bluetooth-activated talking dog collar for Halloween or just to show off at the park! This intermediate electronics project was inspired by Dug from the movie Up-- his talking collar translates his thoughts for communicating with humans. Using the Audio FX board and Bluefruit Micro, this project enables you to trigger sound samples through the Bluefruit LE Connect app for iOS and Android. The sounds are played through a mono amp connected to a mini metal speaker.hen choosing the perfect collar for your dog, you may find that you have to make your own collar to get what you want. If your dog has sensitive skin, you will want to avoid traditional polypropylene or nylon webbing. Hemp is a great alternative for dogs with sensitive skin. It is also a sustainable material that uses little to no herbicides in the growing process if you are concerned with the environment. Purchasing hemp collars can be expensive; however, you can easily make your own dog collar out of hemp for little money.Hi :)
Great idea and design. :) i will try to make paracord collar for my dogs but i wonder is it safe for dogs ? i don’t know how to make end to be safe for my dog.