Jul 9, 2012 - Many dogs just love to eat cat poop

Learn how to keep your dog out of the litter box with the Peek a Boo™ pet latch
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Is your dog eating “treats” from your cat’s litter box? In this article, you will learn how to keep dogs out of cat litter boxes and why they eat cat feces right out of the tray.
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In our opinion, the most effective way to prevent a dog from eating out of a litter box is to block his access to it. Relying solely on training is tricky, especially if your pets stay home alone regularly. However, if you combine both techniques and keep the box clean, you can wean your dog from his strange appetite over time. Learn how to keep dog out of litter box. The Peek a Boo latch will prevent your dog from entering the room where the litter box is kept.
Photo provided by FlickrSep 13, 2016 - Trying to keep your dog out of the cat poop? See our tips on how to make it happen, plus the best dog proof litter box recommendations!
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Learn how to keep your dog out of the litter box with the Peek a Boo™ pet latch. This product was designed to prevent dogs from eating cat feces (poop) and getting sick. If you have had this problem then search no more!

Visit to learn moreCats sometimes stop using their litter boxes when they feel stressed. Identify and, if possible, eliminate any sources of stress or frustration in your cat’s environment. For instance, keep her food bowls full and in the same place, keep her routine as predictable as possible, prevent the dog from chasing her, close blinds on windows and doors so she isn’t upset by cats outside. If you can’t eliminate sources of stress, try to reduce them. Incorporate the use of sprays or diffusers that deliver a synthetic pheromone that has been shown to have some effect in relieving stress in cats.The Out of Sight Litter Box® is a patented, award winning cat litter box cabinet system. Cat litter furniture that really works! Take a look at my customers photographs and read my customer reviews on the how the Out of Sight Litter Box® has stopped their daily litter cleaning routine. Simply put it is the on the market. Learn about how it works differently than any other cat litter furniture plus it keeps most dogs out. Read the why the manufacturing process using high-grade California approved plastic coat melamine panels with all sealed panel edges makes my cabinet the best in high quality. My cabinet can be located anywhere in a room because the back panel looks as beautiful as the front. Check out the to plan where to locate the Out of Sight Litter Box® in your home, apartment or small studio.What tricks and tips do you have for how to keep your dog out of the litter box? Any products you would recommend? Suggestions for keeping a small dog out? Share your experiences here!While training your dog to stay out of the litter box is the ideal situation, sometimes this is just not possible or you need a temporary fix until they learn. Pet owners have for keeping a dog out of the litter box, and solutions vary depending on how many rooms you have in your house, whether you are able to cut out cat doors and how much space you have for furniture-style litter boxes. Here are a few possible solutions to try out if you need to dog proof a litter box: