How to Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

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Remember that there is no magic guide on how to cure separation anxiety in dogs immediately. A long-lasting and effective cure requires dedication and commitment but can be easily achieved with the help of supplementary products like Petcube Play or Petcube Bites and planning.
How To Cure My Dog's Separation Anxiety - How To Treat Dog Separation Anxiety
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Up to 35% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety - and Your dog could be one of them! Your dog's separation anxiety can be a huge problem and dog training takes time and patience. Read on for How To Cure My Dog's Separation Anxiety! how to cure dog separation anxiety
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Photo provided by Flickrhow to cure my dog's separation anxiety
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In dogs, the remission rate with SA is fairly high – that is, a lot of your pets are going to have good days and bad ones, good periods and bad periods. Some fortunate ones will cure themselves altogether with minimal help from you. Older pets with SA may have difficulty moving to new homes, accepting new pets, babies and new situations in general. But although we do not yet know the exact cause of separation anxiety, some risk factors are known. Affected pets tend to belong to families that are close-knit. The disorder often develops after a stress such as death or illness in the family, a move, a new baby or pet or changes in family structure. Dogs and people with SA often have parents and siblings with SA. If one human identical twin has SA, the other almost certainly does too. The same pertains to litters of dogs – although with less certainty. I read two interesting articles () that concluded that many humans with similar problems show abnormalities in a tangle of nerve cells near the front of the brain (). The brain is an immensely complicated organ and these types of experiments are difficult to conduct and interpret. Some pediatricians feel that these abnormalities might result from bacterial infections. They call this syndrome PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-psychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infection) – a good reason not to over-vaccinate your pets. We definitely need more research on this subject – consider this my pitch for generous funding of my alma mater, the N.I.H. Today all that can be said with certainty is that SA results from abnormalities in neural (nerve) circuitry and/or chemical transmitters in the brain’s basal ganglia (probably nor-epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine).For pets that suffer from separation anxiety in addition to car anxiety, clothes might help. This pertains to lap dogs who show anxiety when they are not sitting on or next to their parent. Trying anxiety clothing options like a Thundershirt may help your pup feel secure and calm, much like swaddling a baby. Toys and blankets may help as well. Try to re-create a safe environment in the vehicle by keeping a clothing item or piece of cloth or toy that reminds him of you and his comfy surroundings at home.Approximately 22 minutes after I left them alone my dogs are calm and relaxed after I've helped to cure their dog separation anxiety. See the first video in the series to see how they reacted to being left alone before the dog separation anxiety cure.

Visit my website to find out how to help your dog with separation anxiety at Most people have a lot of questions about dog anxiety. What it is, the different types there are, how harmful it is, how to treat it, is there a cure for it and so on. So I thought I'd put together a little common dog anxiety questions and answers page here. I also included questions and answers about all natural Anxietrex, so you can really understand what it is and why it works so well and safely on your best friend. Chances are whatever questions you have are answered below. If not read the other pages in here and I'm sure you'll find the answer your looking for. …