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If your dog spends any amount of time outdoors in the winter, a heated water bowl is a must
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The K&H Thermal-Bowl™ heated dog water bowl is thermostatically controlled to prevent your outdoor dog’s drinking water from freezing. No matter how cold the temperature, the heater inside the Thermal-Bowl keeps water unfrozen and drinkable.
Be careful not to let water collect in the birdbath or it may seep inside the heated dog bowl causing it to short out.
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eeping your dog hydrated is essential. All dogs need access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times, even while outside during the cold winter months. In colder climates, using regular dog water bowls may not be effective as the water freezes, or is simply too cold for drinking. Using of the best heated water bowls for dogs will solve this common problem. Heated dog bowl - Thermal Bowl Perfect for Outdoor Pet Water Feeding with 2.2L/78oz Water Bowl (Blue)  Read more @
Photo provided by FlickrI use a heated dog water bowl. Works perfectly. If you have electricity why do it any other way. They come in different sizes.
Photo provided by FlickrI bought a heated dog bowl at Tractor Supply. I put it on top of my regular bird bath and fill with water. Works great!
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• PREMIUM QUALITY Silicone Dog Bowl that will not easily collapse when filled with food or water or break when dropped, BUILT TOUGH unlike cheaper …Heated Dog Bowls are excellent for winter. Dogs and cats that spend time outdoors in cold weather need heated pet bowls so thier water doesn’t freeze. Hydration is especially important in cold weather (and of course in very warm weather). A heated pet dish works using coils and electicity. Plug the dish in and the coils warm the bottom and sides of the dish which keeps the water at a temperature that prevents freezing.This is a heated water bowl for dogs during the winter time to keep your dogs water from freezing up. Here's another link for a summer time water …CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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Thermo-Kitty CaféI just purchased a heated water bowl for a dog. It says not to use an extension cord with it, but the nearest oulet requires one. Will it really hurt to use an extension cord with this product?CanineJournal recently tested and wrote up because, "Yes, the food you put in your dog’s bowl matters. But so does the bowl you use." Much to our joy and surprise, the was selected for Best Heated Water Bowl.This is a heated water bowl for dogs during the winter time to keep your dogs water from freezing up. Here's another link for a summer time water pail; .Best Uses: Outdoor pets and animals, farm animal warm drink, winter days heated drinking bowl Customer Reviews: Perfect bowl for outside kennels. I use these bowls in my outside kennels. In the cold winter months they are wonderful to keep the water from freezing. I secure the wire wrapped cord to the kennel just in case. They have a smooth inside surface that makes it easy to clean. Sure beats breaking ice and my dogs always have fresh water to drink.