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The majority of rain hats come in universal canine sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. In general, extra-small is reserved for toy breeds, small for smaller terriers, medium for spaniel sizes, large for Labs and goldens and, finally, extra-large for Great Danes and Newfoundlands. However, the best way to ensure proper fit is to read and follow the sizing guidelines on each specific product. You don’t want your buddy’s rain hat so snug that it smashes his ears, but you don’t want it loose enough that it flips backward with the each gust of wind. Make sure the rain hat does not flop too far forward or otherwise obstruct your dog’s vision. Most rain hats stay put via elastic, ties or adjustable chinstraps.
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A challenge for a Chihuahua owner searching for a doggie cap can be accommodating the breed's large, wide-set, angled, stand-up ears. Some dog hats are designed on the premise that a pup's floppy ears fed through the ear holes will keep the cap tacked to his head. When buying a prefabricated hat, be sure to try it on first and watch your Chihuahua to see if the cap causes discomfort around the ears. Consider a custom-knit or crocheted hat that is sized specifically to account for the positioning and size of your dog's ears. This hat is for medium to large size dog's like smaller Cocker Spaniel's, Pug's, etc. 3
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Yagopet Hot Pet Dog Cat Hats Dog Cool Jeans Hat 2 sizes fit for small and large dogs Cute Baseball Cap with Ear Holes (S) * You can get additional details at the image link.Poochie Heaven can cover all of your dog hat needs. Large dog hats or small dog caps we have them all. Whether you are looking for a dog hat for a holiday celebration, sporting event, or just a lazy summer day, you have come to the right place to find the perfect hat for your dog. There are many dog hats available, from dog santa hats, to dog top hats, to dog baseball hats. You can easily find a dog hat that will perfectly represent your dog’s playful personality while protecting their fragile eyes from the hot sun.Hats are not the only objects of fear. Backpacks, sunglasses, umbrellas, bags or anything that alters a person's natural silhouette may cause the calmest dog to become alert and fearful. It may happen anytime, anywhere, from walking on the boardwalk and seeing a sailor for the first time to seeing the postal carrier carry a large bag full of mail. Many dogs are also disturbed by people carrying large items such as ladders, doors, baby strollers or a large pot of petunias.