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Lots of dogs love to play with plastic water and soda bottles, but it was nearlyimpossible to use them to play with your dog until now. Genuine Dog Gear comes to the rescue, with the "Bottle Rapper" you can turn that plastic bottle into an exciting training tool and tug toy.
All Genuine Dog Gear toys are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.
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Our Genuine Dog Gear logo clickers are made here in the USA and are super affordable! Adding a clicker or two to your order is a excellent way to bump your order up to the $25 minimum to get the free shipping option. It's like getting the clickers for free! All Genuine Dog Gear toys are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.
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Photo provided by PexelsAll Genuine Dog Gear toys are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.
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The "Gearabiner" is a multi-purpose organizer - a metal carabiner with a nylon web handle. The carabiner measures a large 3" and the handle about 7" in length. Because the handle is made of our Genuine Dog Gear logo webbing, we've kept the price low!Inspired by the new sport of dog agility and the need for interactive training toys, Linda Martuch, a self-proclaimed agility addict, began making Genuine Dog Gear training toys in 1998. The company has flourished along with the popularity of dog sports and is now the world's largest manufacturer of interactive dog training toys. Having established a strong track record of excellence in product quality, the Genuine Dog Gear product line now encompasses a very large selection of training toys and leashes, and can be purchased on-line, at performance events and in stores throughout the country.Genuine Dog Gear offers an extensive line of Interactive Dog Toys. Actually, although we call them "Toys" it is more accurate to describe them as "Training Aids." These products are designed to stimulate your dog by appealing to different senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and texture. Experiment with different toys to determine just what sense most attracts your dog's attention.Purchases made on this site will reflect a charge from Sylvan & Sons, the parent company of Genuine Dog Gear. We use secure servers so your credit card information is secure and safe.In March 2014 John Pringle purchased the Genuine Dog Gear business from Linda Martuch, who has moved on to new adventures. John is an experienced business manager who has owned and managed his own businesses since 1981. John has committed to continue the tradition of quality, American made products and superior customer service established by founder Linda Martuch. Come here for all of your dog training supplies... Training your brand new puppy is easy with the right dog training gear. Genuine Dog Gear training supplies are of the best quality and used by top trainers for competition preparation. Our martingale leashes and tug toys are just the thing for you.