Organic Funky Dog Clothes by Louis Dog

Funky Monkey Striped Dog Sweater- Dog Clothes at Glamourmutt
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Present your loved one in style with this cutely elegant dog clothes outfit. With adorning cool white pinstripes, this black couture shirt with dashing red bow tie and matching handkerchief offers your beloved pet a funky yet cheap formal tuxedo or luxury birthday suit ready to impress. Dressed with dainty white buttons and neatly folded white collar and cuffs your pet is sure to be the star of the show in our new adorably funny gentlemen’s suite doubling as male dog clothes and puppy outfit or as fancy cat clothes attire.
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got its start making tees for dogs out of vintage and re-cycled clothing. The very first tee was made for the her 4-lb. rescued Chihuahua, ELVIS, from a vintage 1970 Captain America t-shirt that the owner, Carolyn Paxton, still had in her possession since the age of 11. "We are so excited to commence our very first licensing agreement with Marvel, since was born out of a love for a great Marvel character, Captain America," said Ms. Paxton. "Marvel fits very well into our image and brand recognition. We are known for our tomboyish and funky streetwear; how perfect to be putting the retro Super Heroes I loved as a kid now on clothes for dogs." :) Organic Funky Dog Clothes by Louis Dog - Pinterest
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The concept of conservation messages on baby clothes is a hit with young moms and the McNeill's believe that pet clothes with conservation messages will be a hit with small dog owners as well. "Dogs have to breathe in the air as much as we do and they are also impacted by the world around them." Ellen McNeill says that the funky pet tee already has a following.