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Fully Washable and Dryable Dog Bed, the most washable dog bed available
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The Dog's Bed, Premium Plush Dog/Puppy Beds in Grey & Brown S/M/L, Fully Washable Removable Pillow, Hyper-Allergenic, & Extremely Soft & Comfortable - The Ultimate in Pet Luxury:)
Kingpets Large Pet Dog Bed Dog Fully Removable and Washable Mat ..
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To keep your home smelling fresh even with pets, fully washable dog beds are a must. Over time, your pup's bed will gather dirt, stains, and that unmistakable doggy odor: it's just inevitable. But you definitely don't want visitors to smell your dogs before they see them! Keep your home doggy-odor-free with a Molly Mutt dog bed with removable washable cover. Grey Textured Fully Washable, Hypoallergenic Dog Bed, 26x36 designed by Jo Alcorn.
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Photo provided by FlickrOur large dog beds are fully washable because the cover zips off and you provide the stuffing — old t-shirts, towels, or pillows
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Two beds in one, that is. Your pup can choose between cozy Berber fleece and vibrant faux suede with Big Shrimpy’s Bogo bed. An end zipper and lofty SmartFill® make for a comfortable sleeping spot, no matter which side is up. The zippered inner liner is a cotton-poly fabric, so you have a fully machine-washable liner and easy access to the washable SmartFill. We back up the Bogo with a . If your dog gets rowdy with this bed, component parts are available separately. Cozy and good-looking, value and quality: you don’t have to choose with the Bogo bed!The high memory upholstery fiber comes standard on all dog beds. It's an engineered lofty fill designed by Mammoth to last, be bouyant, and fully washable. More Below.Medium Size Pets Bed with cute Dog Paw embroidery. Color is reversible and it is fully machine washable. Perfect for your dog or cat. Durable filling makes this bed long lasting and comfortable. (List price, $19.99)Molly Mutt created our line of versatile and stylish washable large dog beds by thinking outside the box. Our are not manufactured as a cover over foam bedding, but are stylish and interchangeable duvets over a bag of recycled textiles. This allows us to produce large dog beds that are eco-friendly with removable and and stuffing. Some dog beds do have removable covers, but the filling often needs washing as well for a real clean. Molly Mutt duvets have a fully washable filling that you provide yourself - old t-shirts, towels, and other textiles stuffed into our stuff sack.There’s also an anti-slip bottom which stops the bed from sliding around on the floor when your dog steps inside – and it’s also fully machine washable.Cover specs a non-slip bottom is fully dryable and machine washable for simple care. Get the deluxe memory foam dog bed that will last longer, feel perfect and that your pet is guaranteed to love.