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Thanks to your donation, that lucky dog or cat is free to adopt to a good home!
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Five years ago, Jacqueline learned about the dog meat trade in Asia. Though heartbroken, she knew that she had to be involved. That somehow she could be of service. After experiencing the joy of adopting a dog through Free Korean Dogs, Jacqueline knew she wanted to help facilitate the adoption of dogs in Vancouver as well as bring awareness to the public regarding the dog meat trade in Korea. Together we will make a difference.
If you are 60 or older, adopt any cat or dog, age 6 or older, for free.
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Our Cattery Supervisor Matt Worthington says, “Most people believe they adopt a cat or dog from Living Free to become part of their family. The way I see it, our animals adopt them and they become part of the Living Free family.” Adopt A Dog With PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive :If you want premium breedes for free
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Photo provided by FlickrOur Cattery Supervisor Matt Worthington says, “Most people believe they adopt a cat or dog from Living Free to become part of their family
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BPF wants every pet to be in a loving, forever home and the facts show that free adoption advances this goal. Our survey of October adopters reflected 96% of pets were in their adopted homes three months later and 90% of adopters said they would adopt again. Maddie’s Fund surveyed adopters from a free adoption event in San Francisco showing the 95% of dogs and 93% of cats were still in their forever homes 6-12 months after the event. Return rates had not increased, and in fact, return rates were lower than normal! Similarly, The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science published a study reporting free adoptions were found to have no impact on the value of pets in the eyes of adopters. People who get their pets for free love them as much as people who pay a fee!Adoption fees will often take care of a lot of necessary needs for the newly-adopted dogs. For instance, the pet adoption fee at in Las Vegas covers everything from vaccinations to a free veterinary exam within 30 days of adoption. Adoption prices at this no-kill shelter range from $200-$250 for an adult dog to $395 for puppies.Did you know that every Kentucky Humane Society adoptable dog and cat comes with 30 days of free health insurance through ? Ask an adoption counselor for details. Whether for financial or ethical reasons, lots of people prefer the idea of adopting a cat or dog rather than buying one. But adopted doesn't necessarily mean "free"—there are almost always some costs associated with acquiring a new pet beyond food, toys, bedding, and the like. Here are the expenses you should prepare for and factor as potential costs into your pet budget.Most communities have animal shelters and rescues where stray and abandoned dogs are taken care of until these new pets can be adopted. You can easily search for an adoptable dog near you on our . Sometimes the puppies are free, but in most cases there is a fee for the adoption; this covers the cost of vaccinations, spays and neuters, and operating expenses that help to keep the shelter afloat and keep the pets in it happy and healthy.Dog adoptions include 1 free training class through (Canines At Training) in addition to spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip with free registration and ID tag, and one month free pet insurance.