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Pet Water Bowl Dog Filtered 1 Fountain Cat Drinking Sink Pets Dishwasher Safe #Drinkwell1
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As its name suggests, Jumbl is a filtered dual fountain that eliminates the need for buying a separate feeder and watering fountain. Its innovative dual design is functional, allowing users to feed and provide water for their cats and dog at the same time. It has a removable food bowl. It also has a built-in safety light, and a super quiet pump with an activated carbon filter that purifies up to three liters of clean drinking water for pets. Its components are durable and BPA-free. They are also dishwasher safe and disassemble easily in a few seconds for easier cleaning.
Pet Water Bowl Dog Filtered Fountain Cat Drinking Sink Dishwasher Safe Supplies
Photo provided by Pexels
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Clean, filtered, circulating water will keep your pet hydrated and healthy and the CleanFlow's no-splash, quiet design will keep you happy! This product was developed in response to other fountain and filter bowls on the market, many of which are a bit too loud, splash on the floor, or do not filter properly.

To address a clear need in the pet market for an all-inclusive design, K&H is now proud to sell CleanFlow water bowls. The K&H CleanFlow water filtration bowl features high flow filtration, ease of cleaning, splash proof design, and most importantly...silence. It disassembles in seconds and is dishwasher safe. The high circular flow of the water attracts your pet's attention and encourages drinking. There are three sizes available for dogs and a size especially for cats. All of the units can be purchased with or without an extra volume reservoir tank. If you purchase without the reservoir but decide later you'd like it, no problem, there are optional reservoir kits available for purchase.

The beauty of a water filtration system is the time you will save when you do not have to clean and refill your pet's water bowl every single day. It filters a full bowl up to 130 times per hour through charcoal that helps remove impurities. Add a reservoir tank which stores up to 1.5 gallons of water and you will be amazed at how long their water stays full and fresh!

Include cleaning brushes and a two-year warranty. Replacement filter packs are available for purchase. CUL-listed pump. Pet Water Bowl Dog Filtered 1 Fountain Cat Drinking Sink Pets Dishwasher Safe G #Drinkwell1
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Photo provided by FlickrCleaning your dog's filtered water bowl is a snap. Place the main bowl in the dishwasher and hand wash the reservoir with the included brush.
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As a pet owner and a pet lover, I think that this is such a cool product! You never have to worry about filling up the dog's water bowl again, because they drink the same, filtered, refreshing water that you do.   Fill the large bowl with water, making sure that it goes into the filter area. Now place  clean river rocks in the large bowl around the smaller bowl. Turn it on and watch the happy cats, they can splash in the shallow water over the stones, but never touch the pump or splash all the water out. 
The first one we built lasted about 3 years running non-stop, the bowls and margarita glass were from Walmart and the fountain was from the dollar store. It held about 3 gallons of water and we emptied and cleaned it 2-3 times a month. we do use filtered water in it to help keep algea from growing in the summer when it sat on our screen porch. The cats love it and now we've built a larger one for when the dogs are outside. just a note though, the dogs actually like the water better when it's a little dirty. I guess it has flavor then. If this is confusing send me a note and I'll send you pictures.when I go out hunting, I can't carry weeks worth of water and I refuse to pay ridiculous prices for filters that produce minute droplets of water per hour. So I adapted my larger home filter (let's call it my protest to over $4000 in -sounds like 'Frittah'- home made filter). I catch rain water and also cycle the high chlorine content city water and let it run down through a sand and charcoal and mesh filter. The independent lab that tested it said it had far less nastiness than raw city water. I made a two liter bottle version that I leave in place for dozens of hunters to use and last man hauls out the bottle and mesh...the rest is nature! But back to this instructable... I realized I could fix up an even smaller version for my hound did who will drink literally once from a bowl and then reject the taste of her own spit and refuse to touch it until I've scrubbed the dish, rinsed until it's sparkling then sun dried it which evaporates any residue chlorine....even I'm not that picky and I AM pretty picky! So I used the fish tank circulation pump to lift the water so it runs through my gravity filter. Voila! Dog happy, me happy, not so much dish washing for a blasted dawg!Yes, there really are dog water bowls that filter water continuously! I was a bit skeptical at first, but having dogs that refuse to drink water if a blade of grass was floating in it, I purchased one immediately.