If your dog eats to fast the this is the perfect bowl for your dog

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From top left, clockwise: Brake-Fast Bowls; Slow Munchin’ Bowl; Durapet Slow Feed Bowl; Dog It Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowl; Contech EatBetter Bowl; Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowls; DogPause Food Bowl.
One of my dogs has actually just started eating too fast, so yes; I could benefit trying this bowl. Thanks!
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With three center standing posts inside the bowl, the slow feed dog bowl minimizes fast eating while offering dogs a little fun at feeding time. In three sizes, the brake-fast bowl works with dry or wet dog food, holding up to 8 cups of kibble in the large bowl, 5 cups in the medium bowl, and 1.5 cups in the small bowl.
Made from stainless steel or dishwasher-safe plastic, this dog bowl features a no-slip bottom surface and a no-tip rounded edge. In fanciful colors to suit any canine, the brake-fast slow feed dog bowl snaps into the brake-fast elevated dog feeder, which is sold separately. Yes my dog could benefit from this bowl on some days. Some days she eats really fast and then other days she is a slow eater.
Photo provided by FlickrAre there any  you think I should add to this list? What dog bowls have you used to slow down a fast eating dog?
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If so, a regular dog food bowl is not the best way to feed your pooch. Instead, a will stop your Sheltie eating too fast and make him chew each mouthful properly.Use a bowl such as a Brake-Fast Bowl. It has plastic knobs, or “fingers,” in the center that the dog will have to eat around, slowing his chewing pace. It also slides, making the dog chase his food to some degree.It may also be a matter of competition over food. If you have other pets in the house, including other dogs, your canine pal may want to insure that he gets his share before someone else helps himself. For other dogs, it may not be the actual presence of a second dog or, say, a cat but a throwback to his days as a puppy — a subconscious reminder of having to compete with his littermates for his mother’s milk. Some dogs exhibit their fear of not getting their share of resources by eating faster if someone walks near their bowl while they are eating.Specific dog bowls designs help slow fast eaters. Dogs who wolf their food are more likely to overeat. In addition, the dangerous dog condition known as stomach bloat occurs when a dog wolfs his food. According to the Veterinary Medical Association, rapid eaters have a 15 percent higher chance of developing bloat. Slowing down the pace at which a dog eats reduces this risk.Well, it’s very simple. The bowl has three little ‘obstructions’ that makes your dog work for his food. There’s really not much else to say about it except for IT REALLY DOES WORK!! Much to my delight and Monty’s disappointment, The Brake Fast Bowl slowed his eating down considerably.How do I stop my dog from eating too fast? We get asked this all the time. If your dog eats to fast the this is the perfect bowl for your dog! Today we are doing a product review of the Guzzle Muzzle dog bowl. This is a slow feel bowl designed to help slow down your dog from gulping down his food to fast! If a dog eats to fast, it can lead to bloat, vomiting, and many other issues! Using a Guzzle Muzzle will not only help slow down that fast paced eating, but it will also give your dog some mental simulation as they are trying to figure out how to get the food out of the bowl!