Espree Natural Rainforest Cologne for Dogs & Cats

 Espree Natural Luxury Remoisturizer Dog and Cat Conditioner
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Soothe, moisturize and help heal your dog or cat's dry irritated skin with Espree Natural Aloe Oatbath Dog & Cat Shampoo. Natural ingredients are gentle on skin yet clean effectively and offer therapeutic properties. Panthenol, aloe vera and vitamins nourish and restore balance to irritated skin and dry coats, while oat protein aids the healing process and jump starts skin repair. Espree Natural Aloe Oatbath Dog & Cat Shampoo offers a fragrance free, gentle yet effective cleansing solution for your sensitive skinned dog or cat.
Espree Natural Luxury Remoisturizer Dog and Cat Conditioner
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Bathing: The Anatolian Shepherd has a thick double coat with two distinct shedding cycles; spring and fall. We recommend , which has oat proteins to help loosen the undercoat. Follow that up with . After the is worked into the fur, use an undercoat rake and brush through the coat while the is still present. This will pull out the undercoat and help prevent drain clogs when bathing in a tub. If you are bathing your Anatolian Shepherd outside, it will release the coat and dramatically cut down on brush out time. If you notice that the undercoat is matted on the hind end of the dog, then work in some or spray with . This routine will help prevent hot spots and skin irritations.

Between Bath Coat Care: During the dry winter months, or in generally dry climates, use to hydrate and moisturize the skin and coat. For a quick bath in between regular “full baths”, use . Simply spray on and wipe with a towel.

Ears: For monthly ear cleaning, use . If weekly care is needed for an existing chronic ear condition, use . This routine will help keep any ear problems at bay. Remember, never clean further than you can see inside the ear.

Eyes: can be used to help flush foreign matter, such as leftover shampoo, as well as help rinse common eye allergens while soothing any irritation.

Teeth: should be used daily for the life of your pet to aid in oral health.

Tools: During shedding season, an undercoat rake is the tool of choice to help remove unwanted dead hair and help prevent hot spots. A brush and a comb should be used between shedding cycles to keep the coat in good shape. A coat king will help pull up dead coat, as well as thin the hair for the hot summer months.

Common Problems

Skin and Coat: Hot spots are a common problem for this breed, especially during the summer. To prevent hot spots, you must remove the dead undercoat so the air can get down to the skin. If moisture is trapped in the coat, hot spots are possible. is a very effective treatment for this condition.

Fleas and ticks are also a common problem for these athletic and active dogs. Our is fantastic and loved by groomers, while the keeps them away for up to twelve days. There is also the for convenience between baths and before outdoor activities.

Skin abrasions and bug bites while playing outside are bound to happen. Keep and on hand for when those accidents happen.

Supplementation: Hip dysplasia can also occur with this breed. Espree’s life stages tablets, , , and can help maintain mobility and joint health. Daily Vitamins are also useful to ensure optimal health. Try life stages tablets , , and .

Paws: Rub on the pads of the feet to protect and condition the pads. Paw Balm will keep its paws soft and help keep from cracking.
Espree Natural Luxury Remoisturizer Dog and Cat Conditioner
Photo provided by FlickrEspree Natural Aloe Oatbath Dog Shampoo
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I was using Coat Renewal Luxury Remoisterizer for 3 years. This is the best I have tried with diferent brand but none like the Espree brand. My dog smells delicious and the fragrance lasts for weeks. When I take a walk people ask me to do and have to smell so beautiful. Now I'm buying Espree Bright white shampoo. Tks Espree productsWow, I am blown away, I have tried so many other whitening shampoos and I just came accross Espree Natural Bright White, with hopes of better reults than last one and I am truly satisfied and amazed. The stains on my dogs coat are almost nothing on first try. I cannot believe it, I loved it, definitely will try other products and recommend!! I am truly in love with this product!! Thank you so much...We have two Kerry Blue Terriers (Louie & Ella) in our home in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I just have to tell you our success story with your Espree products because they had an immediate impact, especially with our male dog, Louie, who has battled skin allergies for years with absolutely no successful results of any kind. Not even from any Vet prescription shampoo recommendations...ever. Our groomer, Tammy Siert, owner of The Velvet Touch Pet Salon, Hinsdale, IL has recently started grooming our dogs in the last year and she recommended the Espree line to me. A quick switch to Espree for Louie & Ella and I was hooked. Louie had NO MORE all day constant itching and scratching at all! It was like a miracle. Louie and Ella both look and smell so fabulous after their groom. I am a firm believer and would highly recommend these products to anyone looking for such a quality natural product for their pets.

Here's to Espree and here is to a fabulous 2014!

Thank you!We love your simple shed products. Our clients are very happy with the results. They say that the dogs shed less for about 6 weeks. We especially love the spray. We use it before we brush all of the dogs and it makes the brush go through the hair much easier.