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Buzz Yellow Jacket Harvey. The perfect English Bulldog! My precious baby boy!
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This week is the first week in months that the temperature has been above 0! It is getting me excited for cottage season! My boyfriend and I adopted an english bulldog last month and we are very excited to get her up to the cottage this spring! We know that bulldogs cannot swim so we want to get her a life jacket so she can join us in the water and also so she can run around the yard without us worrying about her getting too close to the shore. Any recommendations on decent but cost effective doggy life jackets?
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Photo provided by FlickrNew Winter Comfy Dog Jacket For Your English Bulldog
Photo provided by FlickrENGLISH BULLDOG Winter Coat, Dog Winter Jacket ..
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INITIALS LA and Gibson, english bulldog, wearing margaux Lonnberg jacket, Sandro top, The Kooples jeans, Comptoir des Cotonniers heels and Bollywood Bazzar bagUnfortunately, I didn't know this in my experience with my first English bulldog, Hailey. I left the sliding glass door open to the patio one October night to let the cool air in, and within five minutes the dog had fallen in the pool and drown. It was a horrible experience, but I am able to share my story to worn others to get a baby gate surrounding the pool, or make the dog wear a life jacket, like the video below.The inspiration behind Cool Dog Apparel is our adorable English Bulldog, Bruiser! As you may have guessed, Bruiser has oneeye and is a very cool character! He is quite stylish and gets tons of attention in his black quilted motorcycle jacket!!The English bulldog that became the mascot for the university was named Royal Jacket. For a short while, admiring people attempted to refer to the pooch by the name Hoya, as an affectionate nod to the school spirit. The little guy never reacted or took to the new moniker, however, and so he remained Jack from then on.The relationship between Georgetown University and the canine world is a strong one. For decades, dogs have been a strong presence on the campus, whether functioning as guards or as purely loving companions. One day in 1962, however, the link between the school and dogs was solidified. This was when they selected their official Hoya dog mascot, Jack the English Bulldog, who still holds the prestigious position. A couple of prominent students at the university were the driving forces behind Jack's selection, stating that the members of the school, similarly to English bulldogs, were persistent and determined.Steampunk English Bulldog print with Victorian background. 8.5" x 11" $20.00 Perfect little Victorian steampunk gentleman decked out in a bowler hat with goggles, monocle, formal jacket and ascot.