Can this crate handle really powerful aggressive dog?

Empire Dog crates are way expensive. If you are not keen, a single cage can eat up all your money.
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If you are looking for the best heavy duty dog cage that is the best balance of robustness and price, then the ProSelect Empire Crate (pictured above) is our choice of the best crate due to its great price/security combo and excellent reviews. Read on if you're prepared to invest a bit more for a top level level of strength and security crate.
Indestructible dog CRATE cage kennel PRO SELECT EMPIRE heavy duty steel MEDIUM
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The ProSelect Empire dog crates are considered by many dog owners to be the strongest dog crates on the market, perfect for those dogs whose escape strategies consist of brute force attacks on their confines. This is a strong crate, built tough to contain even the strongest, most powerful breeds of dogs. Proslect Empire dog cage reviews are heavily weighted on the positive side, with a good volume of total reviews that this crate has received.
Photo provided by FlickrMany buyers found that the ProSelect Empire dog crate was exactly what they were looking for to keep their pet securely contained.
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Every year we hear around the Fourth of July we know that the sound of fireworks tends to frighten dogs. We’re told frequently to make sure they are inside to keep them from escaping our yards but where does your dog go when they’re frightened? They tend to hide: under the bed, in the closet, behind the couch. They seek out small enclosed places to feel safe because all those cramped walls around them reassure them that some big bad predator can’t come at them.Most adult dogs can typically handle an entire night in a crate if they are well exercised and half a day. Puppies really shouldn’t be in the crate for more than four hours because at this age it is vitally important for them to be fully socialized. While it may be tempting to just put your puppy in his crate so you don’t have to deal with the messes or misbehavior, you should work hard against that temptation. A dog who is not socialized and been managed with just stuffing them into a dog crate, will leave that crate with no social skills, bored nervous energy and be a hundred times more difficult to train.Every dog needs training. It’s just a fact of life when you own a dog. It doesn’t need to be a rough or grueling experience. Your first step is choosing an indestructible dog crate that is the right size for your dog, is comfortable, and inviting for them.1) Heavy duty build
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is built using highly durable stainless steel bars that are strongly welded to the crates frame, which makes sure that the dog cannot chew or claw them. The frame is also made using premium 20-gauge stainless steel, and it is reinforced with steel tubes for increased strength and stability.ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a top quality, indestructible dog crate that is designed to offer your dog a safe and secure den. Available in both medium and large sizes, the crate is designed to safely and securely contain even large and aggressive dogs that have the habit of breaking out of crates. It is manufactured using top quality stainless steel and iron material, which are combined together to give a sturdy and durable build. The crate also comes with an easy entry front side door, which you can easily secure using a two latch system.
Key featuresThe Pro Select Empire Dog Crate is a great choice if you have a big, destructive dog and you just need a crate that will stay at home most of the time. It is extremely highly rated and another inescapable cage.