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You can select a dog chew that is flavored or you can choose one that isn’t. Often, elk antlers and boar bones for dogs have natural flavoring that is irresistible to canines, but it’s not unheard of to purchase those with flavoring. Select a flavor that your dog likes, but make sure that it is organic. Unnatural or artificial flavoring can harm your . Artificiality in food is something you as a pet owner want to avoid and, since you’re in control of your dog’s diet, you can make sure that they stay on the right track, health-wise and avoid any damaging fake substances.
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Newt's Chews Premium Elk Antlers are long-lasting to ensure that they keep your pup's attention wrapt in a chewing experience that works to stimulate gums and keep teeth healthy. This antler is a monster size between 9 and 12 inches in length. There are also and bones available for smaller breeds of dogs and puppies. Your dog will absolutely love chewing on these natural elk bones, so order one today! Are Elk Antler Chews Safe for Dogs to Chew? | Wapiti Labs, Inc
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Ever thought about elk antlers for dogs () for your pet? We have and we want to share everything there is to know about this ultimate pet treat with you. Elk antlers could be the greatest dog treat on earth. Antlers for dogs certaintly can be put to the test. There is not another dog bone in the world that's like it... elk antler dog treats do no split, splinter, smell (unlike a bully stick) or stain the carpet. Antlerz treats can last up to six months and also help to clean your pet's teeth. And the best part about elk antlers for dogs is that dogs go absolutly nuts for them! They try and try to get the yummy marrow center, but can't always do it. It's the dog treat that keeps on giving and well worth the extra money, we promise! Elk antler bones are perfect for small, medium and large dogs and they even come in mastiff size for the big dogs out there. Deer antlers are too soft, moose antlers are too hard, elk antlers are just right! At the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, () you can email or call us for a personalized recommendation as to the best size for your dog and we can even hand pick an elk antler treat for you, to your specifications. And don't forget to stop by our dog blog, where you might have a chance at winning a free elk antler dog bone treat for your pet! ()This isn’t just because an easily-breakable chew defeats the purpose of your dog having a dog chew toy in the first place, but also because it’s a safety issue. High-density bones such as those from boars (which we listed), or artificial materials like nylon are good examples of dense, sturdy best dog chews that won’t break down. that elk antlers are the best chews for dogs, as their surfaces are the hardest and they also provide calcium and phosphorous which build up your dog’s teeth and bones.Well before they were domesticated and brought into our homes, dogs have been chewing on antlers. Solid elk antlers won't splinter or shred while your dog is chewing, and they're composed of calcium and other minerals, making them a healthy choice for your dog. You'll also find that elk antlers don't stain or smell, and they last much longer than other bones and chew treats on the market.Antlers naturally shed from elk and re-grow every year, so no animals are harmed or harassed in the process of collecting these amazing natural chew toys. These natural dog treats are high in calcium, phosphorous, and proteins which make them healthy treats for your dog while preventing tartar build-up! Elk Antlers actually have the largest marrow core in the antler world. It is the marrow center that keeps dogs occupied for hours a day. Elk antlers are an all-natural and annually renewable resource, unlike Bully-Sticks, Bones, Ears, Raw-hides, etc.