Power Pet Automatic Electronic Dog Cat Doors, ON SALE NOW!

Electronic doggie doors can solve many of these issues and make an excellent alternative.
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Customize your pet’s access in and out of your home. Electronic dog doors allow you to program the door to accommodate multiple pets. Some electronic doors are able to accommodate up to 20 pets. Schedule when you want your pets to go outside when it is in timer mode. If you wish, program the door so your pet can only come inside, or only go outside. Set the timer for the door to activate only when you want it to.
Dog learning to use a PlexiDor Electronic Pet Door that is installed in sliding glass
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All available electronic sliding glass dog doors and electronic patio pet doors. A great pet door solution. No need to cut a hole in a door or wall. No need to modify your sliding glass door framing. When you move, take it with you. High Tech Pet 12 in. Power Pet Large Electronic Fully Automatic Dog and Cat Electric Pet Door for Pets Up to 100 lb.
Photo provided by FlickrThe modern electronic dog door provides a solution to these problems and more, only opening when your pet needs to use it.
Photo provided by FlickrThere are several styles of electronic dog doors to choose from and each offers further variations, depending on your needs.
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In 1992 we launched an entirely new category of pet doors with our first Power Pet® Fully Automatic Doggie Door. Since then we have continuously reinvented and improved this extremely useful product line to be the hands-down most advanced, reliable and useful cat and doors made. Power Pet is also the largest selling pet door on Earth.

We are the recognized world leader in the field of electronic dog fences and invisible wireless dog fencing. Only High Tech Pet brand electric dog fences feature Pulsed Proportional Stimulus a unique stimulus system that automatically adjusts exactly the right amount of correction to keep your dog safely and reliably contained. The many other advanced features of our invisible above-ground and wireless fences make High Tech Pet the best choice in an electronic dog fencing system.

Our remote training collars are based on our unique canine behavioral system that associates positive commands with specific auditory tones using the tone as both command and reward. Trainers and Animal Behaviorists nationwide are finding our START (Stimulus Tone and Reward Training) method to be one of the quickest and effective dog obedience training approaches. Combined with the most advanced radio technology and superior mechanical engineering our full line of Remote Radio Dog Trainers provides a quick, easy training solution for professional canine trainers, sport dog enthusiasts and every day dog owners.

Our anti dog barking collars are the only collars that let you choose to allow the more rapid alarm and intruder barking. We invented the progressive stimulus bark collar that starts at a low, painless level and gradually increases as barking persists. We also make painless, sound only collars that are effective in stopping dog barking with harmless tones, not shock stimulus. Our Bark Control Collars are lightweight, waterproof and effortless to use. They are simply the most humane and effective anti dog bark collars made.

Our new Bluefang smart phone controlled collars include on-board fitness tracking. You can determine your dog's current fitness level compared to ideal with the BMI CALCULATOR included in the Bluefang app. Then use the collar's Activity Monitor to track your dog's actual energy burn by hour, day, week, month or year. Your pooch will be in "Top Dog" shape in no time!With our automatic electronic pet door, your dog or cat can go in and out whenever it wants. You get piece of mind and your pet gets more exercise to burn off excess energy, and can relieve itself whenever needed, which means a happier, healthier pet. With our motorized pet door, you will also say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night to your pet’s whining and begging to go out! our genuine, patented POWER PET Fully Automatic Electronic Dog Doors are gold standard of performance Doggie Doors and the Best Selling Dog Doors on the Planet! Power Pet electronic doggie and kitty doors come in medium and large sizes to accommodate all pets from very small to extra-large. They are designed for quick, easy installation in doors, walls and sliding glass patio doors. You should purchase a genuine Power Pet door if you are looking for the Best insulated and energy efficient, most Secure, reliable and dependable pet door made. Yes, these are high end pet doors but, you'll quickly see that genuine Power Pet doors are a great value for your hard earned money when you consider quality, features. and that fact that