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Quick and easy homemade dog food using Just Food For Dogs Beef and Russet Potato recipe.
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Food aggression and resource guarding occur when a dog associates people coming near his food and resources as a negative event. The best techniques for food aggression focuses on helping our dogs re-associate people with something good and positive. We examine a variety of techniques for dealing with food aggression and resource guarding issues.
A simple limited-ingredient diet for dogs or cats with food sensitivities
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This past month marked the 10-year anniversary of one of the worse consumer recalls in American history: the Melamine Pet Food Recall of 2007. Among our core values at JustFoodForDogs, we strive to be relentless advocates for pets and also to drive change in the industry. For this reason, we thought it would make sense […] Bring ye unto him milk and fat with meat; this is the right food for the dog.
Photo provided by FlickrWebMD reveals the signs, symptoms, and triggers for food allergies in dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrDogs wait to be slaughtered in a cage for sale as food in Duong Noi village outside Hanoi, 2011.
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Taiwan’s action marks significant progress in the fight against killing dogs and cats for food, a centuries-old East Asian tradition still legal in China, South Korea, and the Philippines. Adam Parascandola, Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response for Humane Society International, believes Taiwan’s decision is evidence that a long-standing cultural practice doesn’t have to be a roadblock to ending a “cruel and outdated eating habit.”Korea is the only country in the world that commercially farms dogs for food. There is no legislation regulating the Korean dog meat trade, so there are no standards for safety or humane treatment. The dog meat trade in Korea is a legislative gray area and political landmine that nobody in power wants to address.Each year in Korea, millions of dogs are slaughtered to make dog meat soup. Many dogs are brutally tortured before they are slaughtered. This is due to the belief among some Koreans that the more the dog suffers, the more tasty the meat. Most dogs are warehoused in tiny cages at dog meat farms, with only human food waste to eat, no water and no shelter from the elements.As opposed to food elimination diets that can take weeks and even months to attempt to figure out the offending food or foods, NutriScan requires only that a small piece of cotton rope (provided in a kit) be inserted in your dog’s mouth for a couple of minutes. Your dog shouldn’t eat anything for three hours before testing. After the kit is submitted by you or your vet’s office, you’ll have the results back in a couple of weeks. Nutriscan currently tests for 24 common food antigens.One simple explanation for why there is no federal law prohibiting the consumption of dog or cat meat is that it does not appear to be an especially a widespread problem—while the reported in 1904 that miners were eating dog meat during times of food shortages, the practice largely petered out after that. But there are a few occasions when law enforcement officials have happened upon individuals preparing dogs and cats for consumption. reported in 2010 that a man was pulled over for blowing a stop sign, only for law enforcement to find “a live cat in his trunk, covered in cooking oil, peppers, and salt. Korkuc told authorities that his pet feline was “possessive, greedy, and wasteful” and that he intended to cook and eat it.” As he had not yet killed the cat, he was charged with animal cruelty.My Maltese Zoey is so picky. I cook for her once a week, rice, peas, sweet potatoes and chicken. After three years it is very tiring. I finally found a place that believes and follows the same recipes that I do for my dog. They go the extra mile by making sure the nutrients are still left in the food so Zoey gets a great meal and a healthy body. It's been a week and Zoey didn't eat for a day or two. After she tried the food she cleans her plate in minutes. My dog is the pickiest dog you will meet. If she loves it I am sure all dogs will love it. Keep up the great work and I hope your company continued success.