3 Step "Annie" Pet Steps for medium and large dogs

Animal Planet Wooden Pet Stairs Steps for Small to Large Dogs Unused find me at
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Not too attractive and cannot be folded, but convenient rubber grippers will help to keep the stairs in place and those carpet treads can be easily removed for washing. Steps themselves are a little hard (treads are thin) so should not be used for dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Step II is suitable for small, medium and even large – but not too large – dogs, which is also indicated by their wide-step design. Oh, and they're very cheap!
Taller, deeper dog stairs for large dogs. Solid Oak or Maple with carpeted treads. 1, 2 or 3 steps.
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There are big ones with deep, wide steps for large dogs that are solid and stable, but may be more than most little dogs – and frugal owners – need. And there are cheap stairs that are so unstable you’ll worry about your old friend falling off. Extra wide, extra deep steps. Perfect for large dogs up to 120 pounds.
Photo provided by FlickrThese pet steps were built with large dogs in mind. These pet stairs are great for all size dogs from 5 to 80 pounds.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Plush Foam Dog Steps are lightweight, portable steps for small, medium and large dogs
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If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may be in need of a set of dog stairs. are great for both large and small dogs and cats, and are offered in many styles and colors. If you are unsure about buying pet stairs, consult your vet about ways dog steps can increase the quality of life for you and your beloved friend.At number #9 we've got construction as one of the best dog steps for bed, sofa, car or wherever else you would like to use them to assist your canine. Pet Gear is a respected American company that specializes in affordable dog furniture. Easy Step IV with wide steps will support small to semi-large dogs of up to 150 pounds, and has slightly deeper than standard steps.To choose the perfect dog steps you need to first measure the place where you have decided to help your dog. The two measurements you need to figure out are how tall and how wide you want your steps. The width will be based on the size of your dog; a large dog(50 lbs or more) should always use a wide step like our or our . A small dog(under 30 lbs can use a wide step or what we call a mini step which is only 11 inches wide. These mini steps are great for small dogs as they minimize the space the step takes up in your home. To recap, if your dog is small go with a and if your dog is medium or large go with a wider step as described above. Now you need to choose the height of your step. Measure to the top of your furniture or the top of where you want to help your dog up to. You now have two choices; you can either choose a step that is the same height as your measurement or you can choose a step for your dog that is no more than 7 inches lower than your measurement. This second version allows the top of your bed or other furniture to become the “top step” for your dog.The Solvit was another heavy-duty solution, with its 200 lb. weight capacity, that was a recommended purchase by dog owners with aging, large-breed dogs. While some dog owners said that the steps, and the stairs themselves, are a little bit wide, this does provide additional security for their aging canine, helping him to get up and down from their living room couch. Another one from is one of the few heavy duty and high quality steps that are still affordable for a price under $100. These stairs for dogs can hold a canine of up to 200 pounds (or four smaller ones, for party time!) Each step is considerably wider and deeper, and the product is obviously designed for very large dogs.The Pet Classics Cedar Pet Stairs are strong and sturdy - great for large SUVs, trucks, vans, and other outside uses. Manufactured from solid ¾″ Western Red Cedar, and able to support up to 200 lbs, these steps were specifically designed for outdoor use by all-size dogs and cats. Please contact us if you have special requirements or for shipping quotes outside the contiguous United States. Amish construction - made in Pennsylvania. $75 shipping (within continguous U.S.) Ships in 3-4 days.