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Dog carriers are an essential piece of equipment for owners of smaller dogs (sorry, Great Dane lovers; you'll have to invest in a leash). When heading out on a walk through a busy city street, or hiking treacherous slopes that your little guy just wouldn't be able to handle, or simply going shopping and not having a spare hand for a leash, a quality dog carrier is the way to go.

In Pet Mountain's Dog carrier store you will find top quality products designed to carry your dog in comfort and safety - for both of you. Outward Hound is the industry's leading provider of "baby carrier" type dog carriers, allowing you to keep your pet strapped to your front, side or back in total convenience. For simple trips to the vet, a tote-style kennel cab from Petmate or Pet Life will do the trick.

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PETote's large selection of classic to high-fashion glam styles of pet totes will leave dogs drooling in comfort and style. PETote's collection includes stylish shoulder pet carriers, classic airline approved carriers, and larger carriers with roller wheels that can be used as backpack and car seat. PATTERN FOR SMALL DOG CARRIER | Popular Patterns
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Do you love taking your small dog with you everywhere you go? Here are the top small dog carriers for someone who loves their dog so much they...Expandable Pet Carrier- Airline Approved- Designed for Cats Dogs Kittens Puppies Extra Spacious With 2 Side Expansion! Comfortable Soft Sided Travel Carrier 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Cozy Cave Cat Bed & Small Dog Bed - Pink, Brown & Purple Dots at barker & meowsky a paw firm since 1998 carries dog clothes, dog accessories, dog carriers, dog collars, dog toys, dog beds and dog treatsAirline pet carriers can be used when traveling by plane for 6 hours the most. Most of the allow travelers to bring their pet on board if they are comfortably accommodated into an airline-approved pet carrier. Only small dogs and cats can go in the cabin and some airlines might not even allow them in, so they have to be in the cargo hold. For flights that last more than 6 hours pets will safely travel by , in especially designed crates. Mostly, when flying there are some specifications and requirements that airlines require in order to make sure that the pet as well as the other passengers travel safely and comfortable. The general rule is that the carrier must fit underneath the seat in the front of the owner and it must have a bottom. Also, the carrier must be as big as the pet has enough space to turn around, stand up and lie down. Furthermore, the kennel has to be ventilated nowadays. Most of these requirements are however met in the case of longer lasting flights. Crates that are used in cargo travel must have a metal door that is strong enough to prevent the pet bending it in any way. Also, there are the pet which can be used in cargo travel and which must have attached the name of the owner, address and also a "Live Animal This Side Up" notice.Expandable Pet Carrier- Airline Approved- Designed for Cats Dogs Kittens Puppies Extra Spacious With 2 Side Expansion! Comfortable Soft Sided Travel Carrier 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Put simply, a dog carrier is a portable bag, box, or piece of luggage that you can use to transport your pet from place-to-place. There are loads of different types out there, from luxury pet carriers to bicycle . Some carriers may not safe for your pets, a group named Center for Pet Society conducted a vehicle crash test to some well-known carrier brands and most of the brands failed to qualify the standards. See .