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Our thirsty indoor/outdoor Water Trapper dog placemat protects your floors from water, crumbs, and dirt and helps dog bowls and feeders stay in place. And because big dogs make big messes, we also offer a larger size with 65% more surface area. Made in USA.
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Bluestar Dog Mats for Food Pet Dish Dinner Water Bowl Mat Blanket,PVC Dish Mat for Dog Cat Pet (Large bone 23.6"*14.5") >>> Read more at the image link. Top Paw USA Clear Place Mat Dog Cat Pet Dish Bowl Feeding Water Food 21x12.75
Photo provided by FlickrRuggedly constructed, USA-made mat handles dirt, water, and muddy paws. An ideal fun and functional indoor/outdoor doormat or dog bowl mat.
Photo provided by Flickr- Waterproof floor mat for food & water bowls for dog or cats and all breeds- Extra large size is good for multiple bowls & pet fe
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Large Dog Water Bowl Mat No Slip Easy Clean Up Use for Food and Water Gray * Check out this great product. Note: It's an affiliate link to Amazon.Having a mat underneath your dog’s feeding and water bowls is useful for many reasons. The most obvious is for keeping the surface underneath the bowls clean and free from mess. The mat can provide a non-slip surface for your dog’s feeding area which is very handy when your pet can’t wait to get stuck in to their food and can become quite clumsy with hunger. The mats can also be absorbent to soak up any spillages and can often contain a large amount of weight in water, which allows the mat to trap any spills before they run into and do any harm to your floors. Dog placement mats can also have a special waterproof backing which also stops the floors from getting wet and doubles up as a non-slip material also. Flexzion Dog Food Mat - Pet Puppy Cat Feeding Mat Waterproof Dog Food Water Bowl Placemat in Premium Silicone with Floor Protection Lip, Non Slip and Flexible (Gray)Our Dog Bowl Floor Mats are the perfect solution for placement under dog and cat bowls to catch overflowing pet food and water, which helps keep the floor clean and dry.The Petco Black Skid Stop Dog Placement mat is brilliant for protecting your flooring from all the messes your dog can make. The mat has slip free corners to keep it in its place at all times even with those clumsy dogs. The raised edges ensure that the liquid is kept away from your floor and contains the mess quickly. The mat is sturdy and can protect from both water and food spillages. As the material is a heavyweight plastic that is BPA free it is easy to wipe clean and looks the part too. The rubber edges provide more coverage in order to stop the mat from slipping, it keeps your dog from dragging the mat or trying to move it while eating or drinking from their bowls at feeding time. As it is made from such strong plastic, it really does make this mat the easiest to maintain and clear up after. It does not require washing machine or dry cleaning as it can be tipped up and wiped off after every use and replaced for your dog to use, as quick and easy as that. Dog placemats aren’t just decorative – they’re beneficial when it comes to cleanliness. Most dogs eat their food and drink water without giving a second thought to good manners. Unless they are dainty eaters that never drop a morsel or a drop of water outside of their bowls, you’ll want to provide food mats for your dog. Food mats catch whatever spills over the edge of the bowls in addition to any drool or slobber. Some food mats have a raised edge to assure that the food never touches the floor. This prevents your dog from eating directly off of the floor and congesting harsh chemical residue that are in floor cleaning products. It also makes your life easier, since it is easy to clean up leftover food. You will want to give the food mat a good hand washing or wipe on a daily basis to avoid bacteria growth.