Booster Bath: Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Tub.

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It is highly recommended that you use this only if you have a premium quality dog as your pet or if you have a professional dog washing station for your business. For individual purposes and installation within the confines of your home, there are other tubs at far cheaper rates (for the same weight capacity) that can do the job for you. This is a tub that is suitable to be installed at dog washing stations, so that other can use their services and you can also earn some money by offering them the service of bathing your pets. While it is one of the better designs in the market today, it still wouldn’t go well for individual pets or individual uses.
Dog tubs for self-service pet wash and homes. Comfortable and durable handles small to very large dogs. Our pet grooming tubs are the Best!
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Washing your dog at home means clogged drains, dirty tubs and mounds of laundry. Avoid the mess and reduce the stress at Mutts & Co. – a fun and convenient place to clean your dog. No appointments needed – walk in, wash up, walk out! dog washing tubs home ..
Photo provided by FlickrDec 17, 2011 - Dog washing tubs, like the Booster Bath series, offer a solution for pet owners that have difficulty washing their dogs at home
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Pet wash is much easier and more fun once you have pet grooming tubs. Browse the home and portable versions as well as professional items suitable for dog wash stations. Now washing your hairy little friend is going to be a pleasure. Custom tiled tub. New builds and remodels are usually the easiest way to get the exact pet-washing station you’re after. This dedicated dog tub-shower (with the photographer’s dog Honey modeling) is in the unfinished portion of a basement in a custom-built home in Wadsworth, Ohio, and was installed at the homeowners’ request, Kate Frichti of Modern Home Concepts says.Here is a simple way how to build dog bath tub. Our dog tubs is the best way to build dog bath tub station. Buying the dog tub insert and go from there! Customize build for your self-service dog wash shop or home!Dog washing tubs, like the series, offer a solution for pet owners that have difficulty washing their dogs at home. Taking your dog to a groomer to have them bathed can get expensive over the lifetime of your dog, so investing in a Booster Bath is really a cost-effective choice. Booster Baths are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs, and the needs of your dog.Dirty Hairy Dog Wash provides a dog loving atmosphere for you and your dog to make bath time fun again. From self-service to full professional grooming, we do it all! You can rely on us to make your pet spotless, and keep your home mess free. Trust us when we say it is much easier to do it here; every dog is taken care of in a clean, caring, loving environment. Make the chore of bath time something of the past, and turn dog washing into a pampering for your furry friend. All of our tubs are waist height with a step for your convenience and ease of washing. We provide aprons, towels, and products for you to use at your liking.Professional Grooming Tubs – These bath tubs often do not resemble conventional bath tubs at all. Rather, they look like those sinks in medical shows where surgeons wash their hands. They are often made of stainless steel, are extremely durable, and have accessories that make grooming dogs more convenient. Vets and professional dog groomers use this kind of tub to clean and examine dogs. This equipment is an investment as it can be really expensive so will probably not be your first choice when it comes to finding a dog bath tub for your home.