I have 2 decent sized dog urine stains on my carpet

Even a small urine stain on the carpet encourages your dog to continuously re-mark that spot
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Like you, I love our pets but I hate the stains. Whether it is cat urine or dog urine anyone who has a pet has probably faced the unpleasant scenario where your usually beloved pet has stained the carpet, floor or clothing. I know how it can happen. I turn my back for what seems like just a minute and my English Bulldog decides my carpet is the perfect place to relieve himself! I know that if I don't clean the stain right first time I will be stuck with a stain in the carpet and an unpleasant dog odor. Traditional cleaners and infomercial “wonder cleaners” are usually disapointing, and can sometimes make the stain worse. Urine stains are also some of the worst smelling messes out there and leave gross looking, long lasting stains. When left alone, pet urine can seep through your carpet and down into the padding, then to the floor beneath. Pet urine can delaminate a carpet and may cause the carpet backing to rot. Even after a thorough cleaning, pet urine stains and pet odors often remain.
What neutralises cat or dog urine stains on the carpet? - FunTrivia
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Saturate the entire stained area with an enzymatic cleaner, available at any major pet store. Enzymatic cleaners break down the stain-causing compounds in urine, making the stain easier to remove from your carpet. For especially deep stains, often caused by large dogs, begin saturating the carpet a few inches outside the stain perimeter. Let the enzymatic cleaner sit according to the age of the urine stain. On a fresh stain, the enzymatic cleaner can break down the urine in 10 to 15 minutes, while an older stain could require up to an hour of saturation time. Getting dog urine out of carpet can be tricky. Learn how to find, treat, and prevent dog urine stains on carpet.
Photo provided by FlickrKnowing how to remove pet stains including dog and cat urine on carpet and upholstery can save us time, money and embarrassment.
Photo provided by PexelsSep 10, 2010 - Dried dog urine stains on the carpet aren't a permanent problem. Cleaning dried or recent stains with vinegar is the solution.
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Tip #6: If it's on the carpet try using a product with enzyme in it. Dollar tree sells that stuff in the pet section. It's called Dog's best friend or something like that. It is a urine remover. It really works. My male cat likes to pee in my son's room and I have tried everything to get the smell out nothing worked until I tried this. It takes the smell and the stain out. And for $1 you can't go wrong...When a dog has an accident in the house, the liquid enters the carpet, than soaks down and spreads. The size of the spot you can see is smaller than the size of the spot under the carpet, on the floor and padding. The best way to get it up is to use towels and pressure. Place a folded towel over the spot (I use bath size to get as much of the urine as possible out). Then step on the towel right over the center of the spot. Put your full weight on that foot and stand there for several minutes. I have read home cleaning advice that says to put a heavy book over the towel and leave it there overnight. I find that unless you have a 60-pound book, that’s not enough pressure. I stand on tip-toe on the towel to concentrate as much pressure as possible.When your pooch leaves a puddle on the carpet, he also leaves behind an obvious stain. The soiled area might be less noticeable on a darker rug, but you'll still be able to see it and even smell it if it's not thoroughly cleaned. Vinegar is useful for removing dried dog urine stains from carpets because it . While vinegar alone isn't effective when the stains are dried, teaming baking soda and water up with vinegar will get the job done.
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