Private dog training lessons designed to accommodate your needs.

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Does your dog have a behavior problem? Often a dog is not yet ready for group classes. A private training lesson in your home or at the training center to provide behavior modification is the best course of action to bring out the best in your dog. Private training lessons are also great for hectic schedules as it allows you greater flexibility and ease in incorporating your family in training. We will work together to make life happier for you and your dog. The focus is 100% on you and your dog! Written training plans are available at a nominal charge.
Beyond Basic Behavioral Training for 4 weeks2 – 28 days of boarding for your dog, 5 lessons for you – $3,350.00
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Combine any with a either in school or in home at a discounted rate. If you want to make sure you have an adequate chance to really fill in the gaps of a group series, you can do it in conjunction with one private lesson at a special rate. This is the ideal way to get a start individually before you begin a dog group class or if you have a particular behavior or training issue that you want to fine tune if it isn’t a part of the standard curriculum. Looking for customized training solutions and one-on-one instruction? Private lessons can be tailored to you and your dog's needs.
Photo provided by FlickrOur Private Dog Training Lessons are tailored to suit your needs. For any and all issues outside of fear and aggression.
Photo provided by FlickrBeyond Basic Behavioral Training M-F 4 weeks2 – 20 days of boarding for your dog, 5 lessons for you – $2,750.00
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Common behavioral problems for private training lessons include: fear of people, dog reactivity, general fear and shyness, food aggression, toy/object aggression, separation distress, housebreaking, door darting, biting/nipping, and more.My first response was something along the lines of “Well, I really like both.” But, I could see by the look on his face he wanted a bit more detail. As with everything in life, there are potential pros and cons to group classes and private lessons. And of course, we each have personal preferences. I know plenty of trainers who don’t offer group classes because they have such a strong preference for private lessons, and vice versa. I continued by explaining that the dynamic of a group class can be exhilarating. I love the variety of students all in one place and the challenge of helping each dog/handler team. I also find that students can greatly benefit from each other’s presence (as a source of encouragement, enthusiasm, support, and just a pinch of good natured competition). There are many times when the mix of a group class is so wonderful that at the end of the six week course we all (myself, the students and the apprentice) are truly sad to say goodbye. Luckily, we see many students in ongoing education classes (such as level two obedience, tricks and agility). I am most pleased when students cheer each other on at graduation as each team heads up to show off a new skill before receiving their diploma. Talk about positive reinforcement training! Who wouldn’t continue to play the training game with their dog after being applauded for success?One of our apprentice trainers asked me last week if I have a preference for teaching private lessons or group classes. This was one of the many good questions on his list that day and an example of how working with apprentice trainers is a wonderful way for an established trainer to continue to reflect on their profession in an effort to improve. Of course, most importantly, it is also a great way to help spread the word about dog-friendly training by teaching others how to teach dog/handler teams as well.In some cases, semi-private lessons with two dogs are a good, gradual step towards group classes. Also, while private lessons may be more convenient for some people (as they can schedule them at their leisure), people sometimes wait too long in between private lessons. This can inhibit efficient progress. In this way, group classes may act as a good incentive to be diligent about the commitment to training for six consecutive weeks. In most cases, private lessons and group classes complement each other. Offering both allows keeps things interesting and allows for students to have two valuable options. But, it is important to make sure you help people choose which might be best for them at a particular stage in their training plan. After all, there are three main ingredients in regards to a successful recipe for training; the owner, the dog, and the trainer. All three are most likely to have the best possible experience when the right training environment is chosen.