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The Dog Wizard Academy is a dog training school and franchise built all in one. As long as you have a passion for dogs, we can teach you how to be successful in the dog training industry. During the 3-4 month school, you get a ton of hands on experience with numerous dogs (big and small) with multiple behavior problems. You will learn how to teach multiple classes for different revenue streams. Aside from all the dog lessons, you also learn all the marketing info that is essential to your business being successful. If you are the best dog trainer in the world, but no one knows about you, then it is hard to become successful. And because you are part of our franchise system…all your marketing material is already created and waiting on you! Once you leave, we still continue to assist you by answering your local business phone line and setting all your appointments. Seriously, all you have to do is train dogs! Upon graduation, you will have a personal website, business phone line, marketing material, and the office staff to help you grow and not spend TONS of time doing things that do not grow your business. We have successful franchisees who had no previous dog experience, as well as franchisees who were already running their own dog training business and decided to join our team because it made their business life a lot easier (and saved them money)!!
Reviews you can trust on PARTNERS DOG TRAINING SCHOOL from Angie's List members | 4640 E FOREST PLEASANT PL Cave Creek, AZ.
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People often ask me about the professional dog trainer school at Highland Canine Training, where I graduated. They wonder why I selected Highland Canine Training for my education when there are so many professional dog trainer schools out there from which to choose. To be honest, I am not sure what it was initially that drew me to Highland’s School for Dog Trainers, but when I stop to review it and reflect upon my experience, I know what made it the best choice for me. Reviews you can trust on FLORIDA DOG TRAINING SCHOOL OF TAMPA from Angie's List members | 20810 Woodvale Lane Land O Lakes, FL.
Photo provided by FlickrApr 15, 2013 - Dog Trainer School Review. A Professional Dog Trainer School Review from a former student and graduate of Highland Canine Training, LLC.
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