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How the dog came to be cast in the starring role is a perfect Hollywood story as it involves unkind, deadbeat owners, the rescue of the little dog by a trainer and his family, and of course, it involves little Terry herself, a female Cairn Terrier, who seemed to understand that succeeding in show business brought with it a guarantee of a good home and never having to go back to her mean owners again.
Great communication and notes from Terry, my dog really appreciated the attention.
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“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Terry, his wife Monica and dog Jim have acquired a canal boat as a retirement hobby. They don’t know much about boats, except have to steer, and definitely nothing about the mechanics of boat engines. They have tootled along the gentle canals of the UK, and come up with the idea of crossing the channel and going down the French canals and the Rhone to Carcassonne in the South. An Terry is wonderful and all of my dogs have loved their classes with her.
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We all love our dogs and want them to be as healthy as possible. Providing your dog with high-quality supplements can be a great way to promote a long and healthy life. In this podcast, Terry shares his recommendations for canine-friendly supplements for a healthy heart and brain, antioxidant protection, and the occasional bouts of anxiety that can affect our favorite four-legged friends.The book you've been waiting for, from well-known trainer and international workshop-presenter Terry Ryan! We are pleased to announce that Terry Ryan's classic Coaching People to Train Their Dogs is available again. Terry Ryan has been a mentor - maybe guru is a better word - for a whole generation of modern dog trainers who have benefited from her books, lectures, and seminars on dog training and class instruction. This 400 page trainer's manual includes just about anything today's modern professional dog trainer needs to know - training methods, learning theory, running a training business, and class organization. Of particular note is Chapter 6, "People Skills," where Terry focuses on how to interact with human students, the one part of the training equation that is sometimes overlooked. This edition has a new chapter on Animal Husbandry and some revised lessons plans.Canine movie star. Carl Spitz spent many years in Hollywood not only readying dogs for films but also training "Dogs for Defense" during World War II. Among his movie-star pupils was the female Carin terrier who played Dorothy's male dog, Toto, in "The Wizard of Oz." He was the innovator of training animals to react and perform by using silent hand signals to direct the animal. These hand signals were instrumental in directing Toto during the filming of the movie. The dog was one of many in a kennel he maintained in the Hollywood area which also was the site of a school for other trainers. The dog was simply abandoned at Spitz's kennel four years before the movie "The Wizard of Oz" was made and was given the name Terry. Carl was a German immigrant and became a legend in his profession while training many canine stars who ultimately appeared in classic films. His biggest claim to fame was Terry. The little dog made almost a dozen movies in her life with stars such as Shirley Temple and Spencer Tracy. Terry and her trainer made many guest appearances after gaining fame in the movie at community events, fairs and animal shows. The dog died toward the end of World War II and was buried in a pet burial area behind the Spitz's residence and kennel. During the expansion of the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles, the property was obtained by CalTrans for construction purposes. The facility and the small burial grounds were destroyed.This book will give coaches, students, pet owners, and especially the dogs an endless supply of new ways to have fun together. Terry Ryan succinctly and amusingly shows you games for beginners, team games with props (making the props is part of the fun), and challenging games for the advanced dogs (retrieving a roll without eating it?) Try them all!