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all things aside - we should make engraving dog tags on the shapeoko it's own project class.
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using ↓ Diamond engraving ↓ Top 9 Search: , , , , , , , , . Dog Tags are available in an anodized aluminum, stainless steel, polished, embossed and photo tags. Custom your dog tags by use the technology that you like.
Once the dog tag was square on the rubber holder, it will not move while the engraving takes place.
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We only use top quality engraving materials and cutting edge laser engraving equipment to ensure our dog ID tags and nameplates are produced in a uniform manner with top-notch appearance and life-long readability. Since we only use solid brass, stainless steel, gold plated brass and nickel plated brass materials, you can be assured that your custom laser engraved dog ID tags or nameplate collars will last for years without peeling, fading, discoloring or causing skin irritations like some other plated metals can. good Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Tag with 24" Bead Chain - Free Engraving
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Now you can easily add pet tag engraving to your list of services. With the iMARC, you’ll be promoting the benefits of pet ID to owners and have a great add-on sale to your collars, leads and pet dog or cat sales.

The iMARC Engraving System is the ultimate pet tag engraving machine. With a variety of tag and engraving options plus it's advanced machine features, the iMARC is a breed above all other pet tag engravers!

Compact and easy to use the iMARC Engraver fits on most counter and desktops, allowing you to maximize space while offering quality custom engraved pet ID tags. You’ll have a variety of styles and shapes to choose and engrave on, and unlike many other systems the iMARC allows you to engrave both sides of a tag for added value.

Although small in size the iMARC system is big on features! With enhanced on-screen graphics, multiple type/ font styles, upper and lower text, a built-in tag counter, an optional custom logo capability and fast engraving process for better efficiency. You'll agree, the iMARC is the Ultimate Pet Tag Engraving System!

For best results, use with iMARC tags only; not designed for use with other tags. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

One of the biggest selling points for the personalized dog products we sell at dogIDs is that we use cutting edge laser engraving technology to personalize our tags and collars.FREE Engraving! Our Slide On Dog Tags are the perfect dog tag to get a fresh look without having to purchase a new collar. You'll love our Slide-On Dog ID Tag.Can we please get a class together for engraving dog-tags or medical alert bracelets? That could be a cool, activity-based class that people could walk away with. All metal personalized dog tags that you can buy are usually engraved in some way. Whether it’s rotary engraving or a low power CO2 laser, it will personalize the tag with your information. Rotary engraving is similar to what you see on jewelry. CO2 laser engraving is a bit easier to see, but won’t stand the test of time – especially when it’s being worn by an energetic dog. CO2 lasers do not engrave metals so a liquid called Cermark has to be applied to the surface being marked. The Cermark hardens, darkens and bonds to the metal to create a black mark, not a black engraving.Producing high quality custom dog tags, personalized dog collars and dog collar name plates is our main focus and specialty at dogIDs. We have been engraving dog ID tags since 1999 for thousands of customers worldwide and also for other retailers, veterinarians, animal shelters, government agencies and various dog organizations.