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What? You thought Mariah Carey spent less than $46k a year on spa treatments for her dogs?
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includes the removal of excess hair

allow the nails to be as short and smooth as possible.
choose from a selection of daily and Holiday colors.

Deep Conditioning Treatment
revitalizes the hair and skin, helps reduce tear stains and leaves your pets face clean and fresh
Medicated shampoo is used during the bathing process to minimize dry itchy skin associated with flea bites, seborrhea or hot spots.
Natural Flea Bath and Capstar oral tablet are given to eliminate fleas on your dog or cat.
Includes Conditioning treatment and 30 min of brushing
Dead hair and dander from your pet is removed during this process limiting the shedding in your home and car between spa visits. The treatments do not stop the natural shedding process, nor is this a one-time cure. This treatment is in conjunction with the regular grooming process. A must for those that suffer from allergies. When treatments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks your home will be virtually hair and dander free. Includes Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment & 20 extra minutes of brushing.
Please do not bath prior to bringing pet in.
This treatment helps to maintain your pet’s dental health between veterinarian cleanings. Includes Teeth Brushing, Fresh Breath Instant Foam & Daily Grin Treat to take home.
Hypo-Allergenic, Oatmeal, Color Enhancing (Whitening or Brightening for black coats), Green Bulldog and Medicated shampoos are all available.
Full Set & Owner supplied application available.
Giving Your Dog a Home Spa Treatment - Atlanta Dog Spa
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The benefits of spa treatments in dogs do not differ much from humans. According to , “One of the most valuable assets of animal massage is health maintenance. Regular massage aids in early detection of abnormalities, such as swelling, injury or sensitive areas, and facilitates early medical diagnosis of problems. In some cases, the time element can be life-saving. The animal’s general overall health is boosted by an increase in blood and lymph circulation and enhancement of muscle tone and flexibility.” Body wraps relieve muscular tension, spasms, and pain. They can also help intestinal gas, reduce heart rate, and calm animals who may be nervous from traveling. A Fortunate Dog Spa - Spa Treatments
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Our signature spa treatments will have your best friend wagging for more! Our treatments are specially formulated to not only meet your pet’s coat and skin care needs, but to enhance and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul! In fact, we are so sure that you will recognize and appreciate the outstanding results of the look and feel of your pet’s coat and skin, that we will provide your furry best friend a complementary spa treatment with his or her first grooming session. The process is relaxing for your pet and sets the tone for an enjoyable day at A Fortunate Dog Spa. We offer five spa treatments that specifically address your pet’s coat and skin care needs.Taking your pet to the spa can be very expensive and time consuming, but you don`t have to pay big bucks to get your dog into a special spa. In fact, you can do your own spa treatment right at home. It`s a great way to bond with your dog and since most dogs prefer to hang out with their own humans, this is something that your dog is bound to enjoy.

What You`ll NeedIf you want your dog to look and smell their best, bring them to Dogtopia of Bloomington’s fully equipped spa. Whether your dog just needs a bath, a nail clipping or a more intense treatment, our highly trained team is ready to pamper your pup.Dog Grooming Atlanta clients will receive a complimentary consultation from our Canine Hairstylist, Anais Hayden. She has been grooming over 14 years and has been doing Lavish Spa Treatments for eight years.