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Service dog owners and training organizations are calling for new rules to stop the sale of fake service dog vests and badges after two war veterans were refused entry into Houston restaurants in as many weeks.
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CCI’s pettition to ban the sale of vests, patches and IDs won’t solve this situation since legitimate service dogs are not required by law to wear vests, have patches or have IDs. People will just start bringing their dogs in without these things. If you want to solve the problem, standards of training and certification need to be addressed for all service dogs, whether program trained or owner trained. Unfortunately, one of the major service dog advocacy groups is against this for fear that it will cost handlers who train their own dogs too much money. I have to believe that there’s a low cost way to do this. Why not model the Public Access Test after AKC’s CGC? Once standards are in place, insurance companies are more likely to be willing to pay for service dogs as a medical expense, too, which will ultimately help fund their training as well as their continued use. PetJoy offers a variety of service dog vest colors! Check out our service dog vests for sale & color customization options. Place an order today!
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