Convertible Dog Seat Belt & Harness for Safe Pet Travel

Keep your pooch safer during car rides with our clever and simple DIY dog seat belt! Check it out!
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Make your dogs trip in the car a safe one while still allowing some backseat freedom. This dog seat belt is great for keeping your pup under control while driving. Restrain them from jumping to the front seat creating a driving distraction or out the door when you just need him to stay put.
That's why I chose three of the most popular dog seat belts for testing:
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Although I am very happy with the Vastar Dog Seat Belt, it's not without its flaws. As I mentioned, this is a great product for small, medium and large breeds. However, because it only extends to 27-inches long, it's not suitable for the largest breeds. Similarly, at it's shortest length (16 inches) it allow a very small breed a little too much freedom to roam. So which one of these three best selling seat belts for dogs stood out? Let me show you.
Photo provided by FlickrCrash Tested Dog Seat Belts, Carriers, Crates and Pet Seats that Failed Major Crash Test Studies
Photo provided by Pexels“We are not running around giving tickets” for dogs without seat belts, he said.
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That's why Neo-Paws™ International developed what they call; the Motor-Mutt dog safety seat belts. In fact, in some states, seat belts have become mandatory to use on dogs while in the car.Keep you pet safe in the car with pet safety seat belt. This Product is Eligible For FREE Shipping Features - Nylon - Adjustable - Suitable for dogs & cats - Size: 1 inch x 31.5 Inch - Multiple colorsDog Safety Harness, Belt and Clip Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Hotpink, Green Type: Dog Car Seat Belts Features: Vehicle adjustable seat belt collars for pets Length: 28" Material: Nylon Weight: 40 g IteBut you can't use the seat belts in the car directly—they are designed for humans. The solution is a dog seat-belt harness. They are cheap, comfortable for the dogs, and easy to use. The dogs are able to move about within the space of a single seat. They can lie down, sit up, etc.Sometimes, the injuries sustained by seat-belt-wearing humans are minor while their dog, ejected from being unrestrained, is critically injured. Those lucky owners get to watch their friend's dying moments.Guardian Gear Polyester Ride Right Seat Belt Connectors, Black - Now you can turn any dog harness into a travel harness. Innovative seat belt connector wraps around a seatbelt and features a secure clip that attaches to dog's harness for safe car travel. This seat ... - Vehicle Harnesses - Pet Supplies - $8.50DIY dog booster seat for the car. Cut out two bigger holes in the back for the seat belt to go through and tie a leash to the top. Sew a cube shaped pillow for the interior and a slip cover with elastic for the top (for ease of cleaning) and you're set! Straps in your dog for safety and allows them to see it the window, preventing car sickness.e sometimes forget that dog seat belts are essential. In the same way that you want your kids restrained in the vehicle, so too will you want your furry children secured and safe in the car. There are many options available, and the Vastar dog seat belt is one of the easiest to use in a vehicle.