Bark activated "no-bark collar" for small to medium size dogs

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If used on two dogs, will the bark of one dog set-off the other dog’s collar?
No – the collar must be in contact with the dog’s neck to be activated.
Unfortunately, your pooch may get punished because of the collar detecting another dog’s bark .
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We needed something to help with the noise from our beagles. They both tend to be skittish and bark at their own shadows. We recently moved into a house that has no carpet and is all hard wood. I am not sure if I am just noticing it more or the sound dampening is just not happening now. These items are great at distracting the dogs once they start barking. They also both now recognize that their noise affects the citronella spray. Unfortunately, being a sound detecting device, the unit sprays citronella when they shake their heads and their collars bang up against it. To get around this we usually spray the unit before turning it on and then turn it off. We have found that once the recognize what it is and how it works they bark a lot less. Digity Dogs No Bark Collar - Training Collar with 7 Sensitivity Levels for Large and Small Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrAnother good bark collar by Petrainer is PET998DRB Dog Training Collar.
Photo provided by FlickrOn that note, we found the SportDog Sport Hunter bark collar as the best bark collar for us.
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The Dogtra No Bark Collar trains your dog to stop unwanted barking. The small to medium breed unit is fully waterproof and intended for dogs between 10 lbs and 40 lbs. The medium to large breed unit's collar is waterproof and intended for dogs over 40 lbs. Both units have an LED battery life indicator. The small to medium breed unit features anti-microbial plastic contact points along with steel contact points to protect your dog's skin. This unit also features two options for training: 6 levels of stimulation with a warning vibration before correction for faster learning and a vibration-only mode. It is recommended to use the small to medium unit for medium breeds with sensitivities.The iQ No Bark Collar by Dogtra is a safe way to stop unwanted barking. The dog friendly features include a Learning Vibration System that vibrates before any correction, and conductive plastic contacts -- great for dogs with sensitive skin.The Dogtra No Bark Collar emits a vibration, simulation, or both to your dog to correct the unwanted behavior. Your dog will learn to stop barking to avoid the stimulation. SBC-6

The is our introductory NoBark Collar. It’s the lowest priced model in our NoBark price range making it an easy purchase if your new to e-collar training. The SBC-6 offers 6 levels of stimulation that adjust automatically and a safety shut-off feature to prevent overcorrection. The collar only emits a correction when it senses vibration from your dog’s vocal cords helping to ensure your dog is only corrected for his/her bark. Additionally, the SBC-6 has a user replaceable battery. Average battery life is about 3-6 months depending on your dogs barking level. We offer replacement batteries through our website and changing them out is super simple. We highly recommend the SBC-6 for people new to dog e-collar training. It offers enough features to help solve your dog’s problem barking at a low cost and is super simple to use right out of the box. Our NoBark Collars are famous for helping when he/she should be silent and we’ve noted before how a NoBark collar is an excellent tool in gun dog training, but how do you know which one is right for your dog? We offer three models of NoBark collars to allow you to pick the best solution for your dog. Below are some helpful tips for choosing the right fit for your dog:On rare occasions, a dog may get into a bark-stimulation-bark-stimulation cycle. If this happens, reassure yourdog with calm, soothing tones. As your dog relaxes, he will understand that if he becomes quiet, he will not receivemore static stimulation. The small minority of dogs that have this reaction will likely only have it the first time they wear the Bark Control Collar.