Shoud You Use a Dog Muzzle for Barking Problems

Petsmart told me they won't muzzle or restrain an old dog, or even work ..
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The family, who previously lived in Lawton, is no longer living in Texoma.

In a statement, Brad Altman of Altman Legal Group said, "We hope that PetSmart will make a policy change to require muzzles on potentially dangerous breeds inside their stores, especially during events like 'Adopt A Dog."
Apr 26, 2017 - Long story short I took my dog to PetSmart to get a nail trim. They were told to muzzle him. He's been there twice before with no problem.
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The top commodities imported by PetSmart are HS 420100, Saddlery, Harnesses, and Leads of any material. These are anything from horse saddles to dog muzzles and leashes. The import value of this one product code alone is 131 million dollars annually. The second most valuable import commodity is HS 950390, toys and parts. These are all the specialty devices, tennis balls, cat towers, chewy stuffed animals, etc. Toys constitute the second largest section of imports by value, accounting for 55 million dollars of imports. The Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle offers a viable solution to all muzzle-wearing scenarios
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1. For those that take their dogs to be groomed at your local Petsmart, is the policy to muzzle or not? Is the rabies certificate the only requirement not to muzzle?Jen Mota wants PetSmart to review and change their policy of permitting large, un-muzzled dogs into their stores. Her one-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Ty, was attacked by a husky in a PetSmart in Canada and later died from his injuries.Generally, I prefer using the basket style muzzle; it has wire openings that are large enough on the sides to feed the dog treats, and the dog still has the ability to pant and to drink water. Sometimes these muzzles are available in Petsmart or other large retail pet supply stores; but, you can also get one directly online at: Be sure you get the correct size for your dog. You’ll see a page that will help you decide which size is best.It is a very, very sad event and my thoughts and prayers are with this lady who lost her friend and family member. However, I must very politely disagree with her request of Petsmart to require muzzles. However, I would agree that a sign about “aggressive” dogs (w/out regard to size or breed) must be muzzled or kept out of the store….Owners will be held responsible for any damage to persons, property or other animals. That might be a better place to start and still have the same impact Mota is looking for. If we could only get muzzle signs for people in the mall!I go to Petsmart on occasion and I’ve seen many large dogs and none have been aggressive. Requiring a muzzle is a punishment to those dogs that, in the majority, are not aggressive and well-behaved. To all you other muzzle user know what you are doing and what the genetics of the breed are before you use them. I have pomeranians and very honory poms! They are one of the breeds that cannot be muzzled. My oldest which is 12 almost 13 does not like me to trim his nails or sanitary area…A great alternative- use a “E-COLLAR” For those who do not know what these are, they are the plastic “radar collars” dogs usually wear after surgery to avoid chewing at the stitches. They can be found at almost all your locoal petstores PetSmart included.