Dog Car Sickness and Motion Sickness: Causes and Treatment

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We discovered what was wrong when he started into his thing once with my sister who gave him Tacky, the dog's, motion sickness medication & cured him instantly. yep! sane stuff! Dramamine (Ask your vet about dosage).He eventually outgrew it when he learned to drive & had to keep track of which way was up. No meds? Get up, look forward, & count cars going opposite direction... Avoid anything that adds to his not knowing which way is up... don't make him lie down, no paper bag over his head, a kennel on back seat where he faces forward, a car bucket and a roll of paper towels, kindness & understanding. Pets are people too! (03/23/2008)
Oct 13, 2009 - Dog with veterinarian. Dramamine can help your dog's motion sickness, just be sure to check with your vet before you give your pup any meds!
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For many dogs, though, vomiting in the car is an expression of dread and fear of travel; motion sickness meds won’t help these dogs. Some routinely react to car travel this way, others grow out of it as they become more accustomed to it. The facts about ear cropping and tail docking
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