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On the downside, you have to care for leather collars a little more, especially if you're working your dogs in water and the leather gets wet. You can clean a leather dog collar with a leather cleaner such as SADDLE SOAP. You also don't want a collar to dry out, so keep it clean and oiled with neatsfoot oil or other leather conditioner. If you have a dog with a light-colored coat like a yellow labrador retriever, don't put something on the collar that will stain the dog's neck!
Custom leather dog collars and leashes for the professional, as well as the pet enthusiast.
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There are lots of different types of dog collars. The most common materials for making collars are leather, faux leather, suede, nylon, nylon blends, canvas, and metal chains. The buckles are usually made of metal, but collars that snap together often have plastic snaps. Leather Dog Collar: Tooled Leather Dog Collars
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In the first six years that we have been in business LongDog Leather Works has donated over $5000 to Greyhound Welfare. In addition we have donated numerous collars, prints, tag bags and necklaces, bracelets, cash and other items to a variety of other adoption groups for fundraisers. We love supporting the greyhounds - it's why we started our business, but we cannot donate to every group that asks. What we have decided to do is to begin collecting the names of the groups that request donations and place them into a hat. Once every other month or so, we will randomly select a group that has requested donation items and send something to them.We specialize in Custom Leather Dog Collars and Custom Leather Dog Leashes for the Professional, as well as the Pet Enthusiast. Whether you’re competing in the ring or taking a walk, we have Custom Leather Designs to meet all of your needs. If you are a TOY, TERRIER, NONSPORTING, WORKING, HERDING, SPORTING or HOUND, we have your Fit…If you’re looking for the best leather collars, you’re in the right place. And good thing, too! It’s important. A collar is a universal signal to others that your pet has an owner and will carry valuable information, such as the most recent rabies vaccination, and your name and address, so your dog can be returned to you if he ever gets lost. Before cleaning your dog's leather collar, it is important to look at what kind of leather it is to help determine which cleaning method and products work best. If you use the wrong cleaning or conditioning product, you are at risk of damaging or altering the surface and color of the leather. Check the dog collar for a tag detailing specific cleaning instructions, if not clean according to the type of leather. are not only stylish but, with the proper maintenance, they also last a long time. To make the best out of your dog collar investment, make sure to learn how to clean different types of leather. Distinguishing between different types of leather collars is the first step to proper cleaning. There are many types of leather cleaners and each has its own intended use, so it is always good to read proper instructions before using on your dog's collar. Leather dog collars are available at pet supply stores as well as online through retail sites like eBay. To check if your dog's collar is finished leather scratch a hidden area with your fingernail. If the scratch is about the same color as the rest of the collar, it is finished leather. are durable and resistant to water and stains as well as fading and scratching. This type of leather cleans easily with warm water and mild soap. Dip a cloth into the water and wring out any excess water to avoid staining. Clean the surface of the leather dog collar in a circular motion, and then wipe off remaining moisture with another dry cloth. To polish the surface of the collar, use another dry cloth and buff using a circular pattern.