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Why is it important to have the right collar and leash while running with a dog?
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"I love this leash; just bought a second for our new dog. Ezydog makes quality products but I love the function of the leash as well. Our dogs are trained not to pull, but when you come up to a situation on a busy trail and you're moving at speeds faster than a walk, the leash comes in handy with the little bit of recoil it can offer. I also use the leash when I'm running with the jogging stroller. Again, although my dogs are trained, I'd rather have them "attached" to me, not the stroller--for the safety of my children. Thanks EZYDOG!"
Running the marathon with Lishinu, freehanded, retractable dog leash #ljmaraton
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Disclaimer: This hands free dog leash does not make a dog that pulls on the leash while walking or running stop doing that. For me, my dog likes to pull on the leash constantly when we are out on family walks. She also pulls while we are running until the point where she is too tired from the run and then falls in stride with me. To that point, with the leash on a waist belt vs in my hand, my dog was now pulling on my waist vs my hand. Being that it is winter here in MN I refrained from running with this leash when the road conditions looked to be at all slippery as I didn’t want my dog pulling me sideways and having an unforeseen injury due to it. When out with the kids, and our stroller, the sideways pulling wasn’t an issue as we weren’t moving that fast, and most of the time I was distracted by what the kids were doing and forgot the leash was even around my waist. But like I said, if you have a dog that pulls, they are still going to pull no matter what leash you use. Do any of you run with your dogs? What type of leash and collar do you prefer for running?
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Photo provided by FlickrDo not run close by dogs on a leash as you cannot always predict an animal’s behavior.
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Unfortunately, the phenomenon isn’t exclusive to running shoes. When we recently set out to buy leashes for all our dog runners, we were disappointed to realize that current models of our favorite brands no longer met our high standards. So we thought, if you can’t buy it, make it!The Dash Dog Leash is designed to worn around the runner’s waist for better leverage and a lower center of gravity. But this isn’t a “hand-free” leash, because we also included an adjustable handle so we have two ways to control the dog. The handle is a Prusik knot, which easily slides up and down the leash – but when tension is applied (dog pulling), it locks down. With this nifty handle, we can instantly rein a dog in closer or give it extra room to romp.After much digging, we stumbled upon a small company called out of Atlanta, GA, that specializes in dog leashes made from genuine climbing rope and equipment. After talking with their owner, Ben, about customizing a leash for our needs, we couldn’t wait to get started. After numerous prototypes and test runs later, we finally had it – the official Dash Dog Leash.As you can see, we put a lot of thought and effort into the design of the Dash Dog Leash. And we couldn’t be happier with the result. By equipping each Dash Dog Runner with a super-tough leash, we hope to make our runs as safe as they are fun. For even more safety, we also recommend pairing the leash with one of .Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Hands-Free Leash - BEST leash for running with your dog or walking your dog with hands free. Stretchable material softens impact and teaches dog to stay beside you.Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking, Durable Dual-Handle Bungee Leash, Reflective Stitching, 4-Foot Long, Adjustable Waist Belt (Fits up to 42" waist)